February 24, 2004


(Many apologies, many apologies -- especially to you midnight readers! I got called in to work today and tomorrow -- but I have Wednesday through Sunday off and I guarantee I will get something worthwhile up by-- okay I guarantee I will get something I HOPE is worthwhile up by then.

I'm not trying to tease! They're killing me here!)

I finished the last of the three-week straight editing session last Sunday morning at 3 am! All the kudos have been kudoed. Then I slept like Rip Van Whittle.

New essays coming, and old essays being proof read for long alluded-to book.

First in the new series is AND THEN A MIRACLE OCCURS... Hopefully by the end of the weekend, or Monday night at the latest.

Thanks for your patience through yet another of these busy spells. Hopefully I can make it worth your while, you fine folks.

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February 2, 2004


I'm actually getting very excited about the new aproach to the culture war manual. That's the good news. The bad news is that February looks brutal in terms of workload, due to extra shows we need to produce during what we here in Tha Biz call "Kudos Season."

Yes, here in self-centered, self-important Hollywood, Thanksgiving lasts seven or eight weeks. So many awards to give to one's self, so little time.

Meanwhile, out there in the trenches, there are stories like this from tough, brave kids like this one. Things are in much worse shape than I feared.

And I need to get my butt in gear to help her.

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