January 7, 2005


I mentioned a few weeks ago that Michael Moore was a guest on SUNDAY MORNING SHOOTOUT, for which I am the editor. I recused myself from that taping. There are, to my knowledge, only five people that I fear may cause me to lose control enough to become (progressively) embarrassed, fired, arrested or executed. O.J Simpson is one; the second is the absolutely execrable Ted Rall, and the final three are Michael Moore.

Besides, my normally straightforward colleagues broke the news that he would be a guest on the show in the same way you might tell someone young and full of life that they have only three days to live. Me and Mike have more than an oil and vinegar thing going; it's more particle / anti-particle. I have dedicated my life to fighting everything he stands for. I would correct those who have said I am the anti-Michael Moore. I deeply appreciate the sentiment, but the fact is, he is the anti-Bill Whittle.

He is a great TV guest however.

Funny, self-deprecating, animated, interesting. Today I first saw the raw footage preparatory to commencing my Dark Arts. Since I have about an hour of raw tape on Mike, I toyed with the idea of taking an hour or two and editing a little two-minute movie of MM telling us what a great and good man George W. Bush is. A decent editor can string together a funny series of quotes in this manner. A really good editor ' and forgive me this little vanity, but I am a really good editor ' can do it in such a way that it does not look funny at all. It is completely seamless.

Michael Moore is a really good editor. Just watching the trailer for Fahrenheit 9/11, I could see all the techniques: the judicious cutaway before the smile that shows the speaker is joking, the juxtaposition of two images to suggest a third, completely new thought or emotion'that sort of thing.


[By the way: during the 1920's. Sergei Eisenstein ' shown above in this undated audition photo for Eraserhead ' and other Soviet filmmakers found themselves critically short of motion picture film (not to mention bread, toilet paper, electricity, and happiness ' this was The Big State At Work, remember.) Sergei and his truly brilliant fellow filmmakers had nothing to do but play with editing by re-cutting old films. They just took some hoary old silent classics and re-cut them again and again, trying to make them say something different. They would also experiment, by taking a shot of a man staring into the camera with absolutely no expression on his face whatsoever, and intercutting it with pictures of a sumptuous feast. When shown to an unsuspecting audience, every person in the theater later dutifully reported on how hungry the man looked. When the exact same head shot was cut against gauzy photos of a beautiful young woman, the audience remarked on how lonely he seemed. And so on.

In this society, with the visual language we all now speak, a citizen who does not understand the power of the cut is likely to be taken, and taken badly, by the likes of Michael Moore and me.]

Anyway, Michael was up to form in many ways, and I will now give you a very brief preview of a few things he said. I remember them very clearly. They are seared into my memory ' seared, I say, in a manner reminiscent of John Kerry's Christmas in Cambodia. I remember them because I just spent the afternoon like Pippin looking into the Palantir: horrified, appalled, and unable to look away:


Somewhere in the middle of the deeply, deeply sincere protestations that he hates controversy, and that the very idea of politicizing the Oscars is deeply, deeply distasteful to him, and that only at the very last minute did any idea of saying something nasty ever occur to him, Michael told what he considers the lesson of the election.

The lesson of the election ' pay attention ' is that the Republicans won because they had a compelling story to tell. 'Never mind if it's fiction,' said Michael. (I am only quoting from memory here, so it will be burned-neuron verbatim, believe me. His voice is echoing in my head like the endless fugue of screams and rudely spat-out cries of Sex Dwarf! in that classic old Soft Cell song ' pure, unadulterated nightmare fuel.)

The (remember, fictional!) Republican story of the election, he said, voice deepening in faux drama, as if being sold to children at bedtime, was as follows:

Out of the ashes of September 11th, rose a man who stood upon the rubble of Lower Manhatten, with a bullhorn in his hand, and said "I will protect you, and you will never'be attacked...again."

And the people were never'attacked'again. And everyone lived happily ever after.

Now I listened to this, and my first thought was: And what part of that story was fictional, you son of a bitch? That sounds just exactly like what happened to me.

'What was the Democrats story?' he asks. Peter Guber comes up with my answer: 'He changed it so many times no one knew.' Mike agrees, but that's not his point. Kerry's story, he says, was 'I'm not Bush.' That's not a story, says Michael Moore: that's a tagline. They got 57 million votes with a tagline! It's a miracle, really, if you look at it a certain way. Of course, if you look at it another way, it's just another page in 25 years of presidential defeats for Democratic candidates not named William Jefferson Clinton.

There then followed some general muttering that, when all is said and done, John Kerry may not have been the greatest candidate to ever grace these sacred shores. 'Now that the election is over, let's be honest.' Sure, why not. Now's as good a time to start as any, Mike.

Now Michael starts to get religion! He balls his hands into small fists, peeling off the points. What the Republicans don't want the Democrats to know ' all you Democrats, please leave the room! ' is that the secret to electoral success is that America loves Hollywood! Americans just love actors so much, we common folk hold them in such high esteem, that we'll go for just about anything they've got! 'Where is our Arnold?' implores Mr. Moore. Mike, and presumably many other liberals, want to know exactly this.

(Note to Terry McAuliffe: Please, please don't throw a Martin Sheen / Ben Affleck ticket at us Jesuslanders! We'd have no response! Our celebrilicious genes would take over and we'd be paralyzed to resist! The election would go Dem in a cakewalk! Dear God, Terry ' anything but that!)

Then Michael Moore said something that was accidentally interesting. The Republicans run actors all the time! They know it's the ticket to success!

Then he listed them: Ronald Reagan' And, to be honest, I must here confess that I honestly thought that the moment that Michael Moore even started to mention the Rea' in 'Reagan' -- in other words, the instant God was sure he wasn't about to casually mention something else on his mind ' Ronald McDonald, say ' then he would suddenly burst into flames and wither into a smelly, burning pile of microwaved cheese. If there is a God, he does not watch much TV -- that much we can be certain of.

But the list of Republican actors turned successful politicians continued: Ronald Reagan. Arnold. That guy from The Love Boat. Fred Thompson. Sonny Bono'

Republicans know the secret to getting elected is to run an actor. Where are the liberal actors? Hollywood needs to find some and out them on the ticket.

Yes, where, where in the name of all that is Holy, can one find a liberal actor in Hollywood?

Anyway, this got me to thinking. There are only eight conservative actors in the history of Hollywood, and five of them have been elected to high office. (The sixth was elected president of the National Rifle Association, the seventh was elected Mayor of Carmel, California on a pro-business platform, and John Wayne had the class to never run for ' or from ' anything.) If, as my precisely scientific calculations show, liberal actors outnumber conservative ones by a ratio of 37,454.7 to 1, then where, indeed, are the elected liberal actors? Michael's plea does make a species of sense for a change. Why are there no liberal actors elected to high public office?

I have a theory as to why the liberals have no 'Arnold. ' Our Arnold ' you know, the Arnold' is pro-business, pro-self-reliance and unabashedly, gloriously patriotic. This is a man who fessed up on national television to being smitten with Richard Nixon because he sounded anti-Communist. Arnold has seen real communists, as opposed to say, leading liberal Presidential wish fetish Warren Beatty, who has played one on the Silver Screen. Somehow, we poor, dim Americans ' remember, Michael Moore loves to tell overseas audiences that the stupidest Canadian / Briton / German / Frenchman / Burkino Fasoan is smarter than the brightest American ' we poor, simple-minded, drooling morons somehow think that Arnold's vision of an America opposed to real Communists is somehow a more compelling story than that of millionaire pampered playboy Warren Beatty's misty-eyed view of them as a nation of daring, romantically doomed poet-philosophers in Reds. Or Blues, I suppose we should say, now that some kid in the 2000 CBS election results graphics department decided to reverse the natural order of things and call the most conservative parts of the country red states.

May I quote Don Rickles? Way to go, you Hockey Puck.

Message to Mr. Moore, from the Peanut Gallery behind the electronic vale: You are the Left's Arnold. The Left can't field a candidate who's an actor because every single leftist actor on the planet sounds like the editorial columnist for Pravda circa 1963. You know where your Progressive Arnold is? It's you, boyo. You perfectly encapsulate the rabid anti-Americanism that Hollywood adores, and that has stolen the heart from a once-proud party. By all means, run to Hollywood in the future. Surely, a nation as stupid as you claim us to be, will buy anything with George Clooney's or Julia Robert's face on it, right? God, I would like to see that particular theory put to the test: preferably seven or eight times ' at least as often as Communist governments have collapsed ' just to make sure it was 'done right.'

Two other brief points:

First, look back on that list of conservative actors Michael Moore named. Who knows what they all have in common?

Anyone? Buehler?

That's right! Person right there in the back row!

They're all really terrible actors. (Okay, except for Clint, but he's probably more Libertarian than Republican anyway.)

Sure, they can hack their way through a scene as the tough guy... Oh, who am I kidding: Sonny Bono and the Love Boat guy can't even do that. But can they handle Hamlet? No, they cannot, which reminds me of one last conservative actor, and that is Mel Gibson.

No, some are great movie stars, but generally speaking they're miserable actors. But in person, truly great personalities. Which tends to confirm a theory of mine, which is that people who are really terrific actors are some of the most boring, colorless, hollow people you would ever be unfortunate enough to meet. I have met a few, and by and large they are simply empty vessels into which better, brighter people ' the scientific term for them is writers ' pour intelligence, wit, courage and character. That's why these fictional creations are called characters. They're the people actors want to be ' but due to some defect, some lack of inherent character, these people cannot go out and actually become such people: soldiers, astronauts, cowboys ' you know, interesting people. People they make movies about. Actors have to pretend to be them. Actually, first writers have to pretend to be them, then the actor takes these written-down make-believe instructions and then adds their own Eye Crinkles, Thoughtful Stares and Charming, Boyish Grins and viola! It's a lot easier than actually becoming such a person, so you must admire the strategy, at least from a conservation of energy point of view.

There is very little in our safe, sanitary, prosperous world more disappointing than listening to an in-depth interview with a favorite celebrity and discovering, to our growing then endless dismay, that there is a long, long, looooooong way between Gillian Anderson and Dana Sculley. Or to see how far Jack Ryan is from Alec Baldwin. Or from Ben Affleck.

No, these conservative actors did not get elected because they were great actors. They got elected because they grew up. They all went out and had to deal with reality, and the possibility that things might not turn out according to the script. They had the guts to run, which means they had the guts to risk losing.

You know. Being unpopular and all.

I think that there are no liberal actors being elected because none of them have the inner character to take that risk ' the risk of unscripted reality. The great actors just don't seem to have the chops off the set. If someone has a better explanation, I am, in the words of Ross Perot, all ears.

A last swipe to drown my pain:

Jon Stewart's name was mentioned as a possible candidate, and Michael Moore, the man who endorsed Howard Dean until he imploded, then Wesley Clark until he fizzled, followed by John Kerry until he'uh'lost, endorsed the idea of a Jon Stewart candidacy. 'People would vote for him,' said this incredible political visionary.

Now to his credit, Jon Stewart seems to think the very idea of him holding serious office a joke. But here's what I don't find so funny: Stewart uses The Daily Show to routinely mock and belittle not just the hard and dirty work in Iraq, but to mock earnestness pretty much everywhere. That's his right of course. In fact, it's his job.

But when I watched him mocking the Freedom Medals given to Paul Bremer and Tommy Franks for being the creators of the debacle, the fiasco, the catastrophe, the quagmire of Iraq, I suddenly said to myself here is a man who has people to style his hair, do his makeup, light him in a flattering way, write clever lines for him to say, edit out his gaffes, missteps, and just plain screw-ups. He lives in the center of an environment so controlled and rehearsed and scripted that those of you who have not seen the Hollywood Machine in action up close cannot fully imagine it.

Jon Stewart can mock Tommy Franks and Paul Bremer and George Bush because he, like Michael Moore, has the luxury of not having to come up with something better. He does not have to make a gas station profitable, he doesn't have to run a farm. He certainly never has to face the messy uncertainty and compromise and setbacks that an aircraft designer, say, or even a football coach has to deal with. And I dare say that he and Alec and Susan and Barbra and Sean would grind to a smoking, screeching mental halt if they had to confront the kind of responsibility, uncertainty, and just plain risks that our men and women in the military face each and every day. All Jon Stewart has to do is sit there, look into the camera, and say something that he or someone else has usually had hours or days to think of. He, like Michael Moore, and unlike George Bush, has a quick tongue and can turn a pithy phrase. They can criticize, belittle and mock the earnest, often messy and sometimes disastrous policies and actions of better people, better because they actually produce policies and actions rather than use then as a laugh line to grow their multi-million dollar bank accounts.

And Michael Moore thinks such people are the salvation of the Democrats. That's what passes for ideas on the far left these days: run celebrities for ' Moore actually used the term ' 'the masses.'

That's not good enough. Not for reality. I'll take good character, over a good characterization, any day.

You can catch the whole thing and make up your own mind: SUNDAY MORNING SHOOTOUT airs Sunday morning, January 23 on AMC. Check listings for local times. Just remember this: I watch Michael Moore so that you don't have to. The BUY SILENT AMERICA button is at the top of the page, to the right. Shower me with love and money; all negative comments will be pre-emptively deleted by My People so as not to offend My Delicate Sensibilities. That's why I came to Hollywood, after all.

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Unlike Mr. Moore, you will probably edit this program like the professional you are, and make that fat jerk look better than he is.
And that is what seperates us from them- we can act like adults.
Good stuff.

WRT conservative actors: Jerry Doyle (formerly of Babylon 5 and now a talk-show host) is a conservative, I believe. Not a "great actor," but an actor nonetheless.

But perhaps on point with your post: before going into acting, Doyle was a corporate pilot, then a stockbroker/investment banker. In other words, he had real-life accomplishments under his belt.

He ran for Congress as a Republican in Malibu in '00 and lost (of course) - but he had the cojones to try. Character beats characterization, indeed.

And.. thanks for watching MM so I won't have to. I don't think my stomach could take it.


If you don't want to meet Moore in person (can't blame you there) how about a clay-mation match up on Celebrity Deathmatch?


When listing Jerry Doyle's acheivements, you forgot to list being married to Andrea Thompson. Yowza! If it was me that would be the first thing on my resume.

I'm currently reading Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Man concurrently with Silent America.

Heh, heh...I'm proving to be rather a pain to all the lefties at work. I keep quoting bits of your book at them.

Anyway, Moore is a genius. I couldn't sell my soul to do what he does, but you have to respect him as an entrepreneur. Nonetheless, the people that are handing over their money to make him rich are a fine bunch of pillocks.

Yep, I'm ready to nominate you as an honorary Aussie...and you can take that as a compliment.

You really should make that edit. You could send it to Brit Hume. It would be funny to see it on the air.

Hell, just put it on the blogosphere and you'll get 10 times the coverage. PLUS I bet the feature would be on Snopes in no time as many people would, just like they did with F9/11, buy it at face value and it would turn into an Urban Myth.

I'd just worry about the lawsuits. Moore can't take what he can dish out (unless it's stroganoff, then he can take several platefulls).

Bill, thanks for stepping in front of that bullet. I have watched sections of his movies, and have yet to pay anything for them. It's not much, but I have promised myself to never spend one dime that would support him. I have read the transcripts of his shows, so that I know what he is trying to say, so I am exposed to that much, anyway.

My daughter wanted to bring MMs movies into the house. Told her she wants to rent them, she can rent a house to watch them in.

Sapper Mike

Tom Selleck.

I'm a recent reader of your site, and enjoy the thoughts and reading. I'm usually not a commenting-type person (for online stuff anyway), but I must say I found this mini-essay shocking.

You mean to say that most of people who spend their time working (in the words of Mr. Rogers) "in the land of Make-Believe" are just empty suits who have never really had to do any critical thinking or decision-making themselves.

I find such revelations simply shocking. ;)

Anyway, great reading.

Actually, that NRA president guy did handle Hamlet: http://imdb.com/title/tt0116477/fullcredits

Jerry Doyle may not be a great actor, but he's certainly better than Baldwin or As.. I mean Affleck.

They way he got into acting is, I think, very telling of the kind of guts he has.

He had no prior experience whatsoever, made up a phony agent's name and a resume, and went to the audition. Landed the job then and there.

Most actors are empty vessels, and that's why I still enjoy Julia Roberts, laugh at Jennifer Aniston, and admire the good looks of George Clooney. These actors have a great talent for making a character come to life, and their personal views don't change my opinion of their abilities. Ian MacKellan is a blazing leftie. Should I boycott LOTR? I think not.

I'm not really sure that most actors are really lefties, anyway. In order to make it in Hollywood you have to attract media attention (leftist) and be cast into movies by producers (leftist) so if you dare to present yourself as a conservative, how are you going to succeed?

The people I despise are the producers -- like Michael Moore -- and directors like Steven Speilberg, who walked past concentration camp fencing on his way to kiss Castro's hand.

If producers and directors were conservative, Julia Roberts would be a lifetime NRA member and dance with Karl Rove at the Inagural Ball. Am I wrong?

Bonnie, I think you're right on the money... those "empty suits" have no sense of self because they believe too much of their own press. I too have been able to ignore their bleating and enjoy their movies; I didn't even think about Viggo Mortensen's ravings on how Bush was Sauron when watching ROTK, either in the theater or last week... hmmm... that just occurred to me...

Bill, if this is your idea of posting "stupid things like this" in response to your New Year's Resolution, well, 2005 will be a treat for us all. I agree MM wouldn't have the cajones (if you could find them... ewww) to have *himself* edited in the same manner he edits others... which is what I told myself when his only demand to be interviewed by O'Reilly during the DNC was that it not be edited. I knew that HE knew the power of editing... and he'd never allow himself to be manipulated and shamed in turn.

Interesting that you note just how much of Moore's talent for propaganda comes from his skill in the editing room. He certainly did get a good bargain on that clause of his contract with Satan.

Jerry Doyle's a good example of another conservative actor. As is (and I can't believe you forgot him...especially with the "Anyone? Bueler?" reference) Ben Stein, although his involvement in politics was in the form of (of course) writing.

Liberal actors elected? Of course!

Don't you remember that lady that played Ms. Hathaway on "The Berverly Hillbillies?" She later was elected mayor of some flyspect Brie&Chablis California hamlet!

8 conservative actors in the history of Hollywood?

Lemme give it a go ...

Charlton Heston
Tom Selleck
Arnold Schwarzenegger
uh, apparently, that Jerry Doyle guy
Heather Locklear
Clint Eastwood
that guy from The Love Boat
Sonny Bono

Nailed it!

Apologies, posted this in an older section.

Hey Bill, have an issue with a few of the books I ordered through PayPal before they were available on Amazon. Could ya shoot me an e-mail when you have a free moment? Tried to e-mail ya with the details but your box is probably flooded, so I figured I'd try here. :) Thanks bud.

Oh, please please please say you made an alternate edit. Or don't, for plausible deniability.

But release it somehow. Give it to FrankJ, he's insane, he'll release it.

Dude -

I would pay actual cash monies to have an edit like the one you describe.

Please produce this work immediately.

I am quite certain that the joy that I and other rational people would feel upon seeing such an edit would be the most effective drug against the disease that is F9/11, ever created.

James Woods is fairly conservative, IIRC.

Sorry troops. That video is the property of my employer. They certainly will not release it. And I don't steal from people, unlike certain other editors I could mention who stole footage of fallen soldiers' military funerals to sharpen his message.

Comes a point where we have to decide if the end justifies the means. Once you violate your own personal sense of ethics on that road, there are no more freeway exits before Auschwitz.

I know that sounds a little maudlin, but I believe it is true.

Ron Silver.

Judging from the commercials I'm hearing on morning drive-time, both F9/11 and Kinsey are getting HEAVILY plugged for Best Picture.

And The Passion?
doubleplusungood refs unevents.
doubleplusungood refs unpersons.
oceania has always been at war with eastasia.
bush is goldstein.

Great post!

And, in case you missed it, get a copy of the Jay Leno episode with Michael Moore. It aired about a month ago and, trust me, it was the exact same speech!

You could have some fun cutting and clipping those shows, side by side.

Other conservative actors, some of whom just recently exited the liberal closet, are Kelsey Grammer and Gary Sinise. On the other hand, I wouldn't include Fred Thompson in that list. Thompson made his national name first in politics as minority counsel to the Whitewater investigation. He got acting roles due to being in politics, not vice versa.
It's also noteworthy that Arnold didn't make his money in acting. He took the money he won in bodybuilding competitions and shrewdly invested it for great profit. In other words, he is probably the only actor of note that has a fortune that comes from neither family or acting.

Doesn't Patricia Heaton belong on the list of conservative actors?


Yes, Patricia Heaton is another.

Would you consider shoving two Michael Moore's aside to make room for Noam Chomsky and Dhimmi Carter?

Great piece. Loved it and glad that you took a bullet for all of us.

BTW...when speaking of "that actor from Loveboat" are you referring to Gavin McLeod who played Captain Stubing??

I just noticed that i typed my user name as "CanadianDUD" instead of the "CanadianDUDE" that I wanted. Boy, talk about a freudian slip! I am still laughing at myself!! :-)

Just a little thought about the pitch for Silent America. I remember years ago of a similar phrase "the silent majority". If the bleeping people can't give voice to their integrity they deserve what they get.

In the same vein, there is a famous quote which goes: "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing". Let me set the idea straight: There is no such thing as good people who do nothing. Good is an active virtue, not passive. Apathy is not good. Thinking good thoughts is nice, but it is turning them to action that is truly good.

People out there who wait for people like Whittle who do something and raise their voice to the likes of Michael More may want to consider taking the risks of getting out there and making so much reasonable noise that no one will hear people like Michael Moore.

If his voice is all that fills the silence, its is because you aren't out their competing with it.


My Michael Moore Moment. Like you I loathe the “man”.

I work in downtown Boston and during the DNC I was out trolling for arguments during my lunch hour each day that week. At that point, nothing much, a few "f**k you's" to some young Kerry campaign workers and Code Pinkos. Not quite satisfying as I was looking for some International ANSWER types or Black Tea Society anarchists.

On the final day of the convention, after another fruitless mission, as I was walking back to my office I noticed a crowd gathered outside a local restaurant. Whispers in the crowd indicated that Hillary was inside. Turns out it was a party thrown by Tina Brown for some Dem big shots. So I decided to hang out and wait for Hillary to emerge.

Suddenly someone screamed adoringly, "It's Michael Moore!" This is the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts, so the crowd was giddy with delight and erupted with applause. As I turned around, there he was and he walked right past me crossed the street and went into the restaurant. God, was he huge! And smelly! In the same clothes.

So as he approached me and after I briefly contemplated punching his ugly face in (30 years martial arts training having restrained me), I laid into him as loud as I could.

"You f**king fat f*gg*t!"

"You f**king liar!"

“F**king traitor!”

Man, that felt great! I was elated. The people around me, mostly female office workers were aghast and drew back from me as though I had leprosy. You could tell by the look on their faces they were thinking, “My God! A Republican! In Boston, on this most holy of weeks?”

Flush with my first big heckle, I decided to wait for a while longer. Then out of the restaurant came Gray Davis. Not a big fish, but I gave him a few "Ah-nold, Ah-nold" shouts and a "Girly-man" thown in for good measure.

Then some guy says to me, "Ok, that's enough."

So I say, "Isn’t this America? Don't I have free speech?"

"Yeah, but you've made your point. Be nice"

"What? Is there a limit?"

"You've made your point"

"That's your opinion. Opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one"

"Did you call me an asshole? Come over here"

He grabs my arm (turns out he's a cop) and another uniformed cop joins him to force me away from the crowd. They ask for my ID, which I present.

"Nobody calls me an asshole"

So I apologize and they let me go after running my name through their computer looking for some excuse to arrest me. As they walk away I yelled, "More crushing of dissent in the Cradle of Liberty! Is this a police state? Did you see those Gestapo tactics?" Then the uniformed cop comes back and warns me, politely, that if I persist in my behavior they were going to arrest me for disturbing the peace. So realizing that I might just be pushing their limit, I relented and left. I didn’t want to be the guy arrested for heckling Gray Davis.

Ah, life in America. It doesn't get any better than this.

Sorry for the long post.

Bo Derek is another. Although "actor" is a VERY loose term here.

Chuck Norris - another not-so-good conservative actor (but, boy could he fight!)

Kelsey Grammer, no kidding, and apparently all of the following:

Andy Garcia, Gary Sinise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, LL Cool J, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar, Dennis Miller, Denzel Washington, Robert Duvall, Catherine Bell, Danny Aiello, James Earl Jones, Ron Silver, Morgan Brittany, Ben Stein, Pat Boone, Kathy Ireland, Rick Schroeder and Bo Derek.

Mmmm - Kathy Ireland- mmmmmm (drools)

Where Republicans have actors, Democrats have comedians: Franken, Moore, Stewart. The problem for the Democrats is that a majority of voters get the joke.

I've been told that Ashley Judd is conservative, but I got this second-hand, so I can't vouch for it.

Andrea Thompson married a conservative? If I'd known our sort had a chance with her!

Also: so due to your Resolution, we can look forward to more of this every week? Honest and for true?

Wow. Best Christmas present this Jew ever got. :-)

I have a friend I first met as a seventeen year old who is a well-known actress in Canada and in fact in the French speaking world. It was not too many years ago that I realized that while I had changed because of my years of life experience, she was exactly the same as when we first became acquainted. It was then I decided that actors and actresses do their living on the stage. While they are able to represent diversity and maturity through some subconscious process in their roles, they themselves are like insects frozen in amber. My friend is still a twenty-one year old in spite of her calendar age.


Great story. **DO** make the edit, even if only for the enjoyment of your co-workers. Maybe MM would enjoy it, too:


Thanks for being on the show. Here's a gag-reel you should enjoy."

Did anyone mention Tom Selleck or Miguel Ferrer? (saw the latter on Miller where he said he generally kept quiet about hisright-wing leanings because he wanted to work - Selleck has also, I believe, been candid about the chill conservative actors face.)

"I don't think being a magna cum laude from Harvard was anywhere near as valuable as being Gopher on the Love Boat." Actor and ex-congressman Fred Grandy, explaining the Hollywood advantage when running for political office.

And Angie Hartman from Law & Order

Sarah Michelle Gellar and her husband (Freddie Prinze Jr.) are conservatives??? No way!

But if it's true, Buffy the Vampire Slayer for President in 2016! (She's not old enough now...)

Do singers count? Jessica Simpson is conservative, which makes it likely that hubby Nick Lachey is, too. Hoku also might be a conservative--I saw her singing "Shout to the Lord" at her church in Hawaii and talking about her faith and morals on some Disney program, which makes it likely that she is.

The Michael Moores, the Jon Stewarts and all their ilk, are the critics of whom Teddy Roosevelt so eloquently and devastatingly spoke:

“It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement; and who, at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”

Bill: Any chance your employer would be willing to make the entire footage available for news purposes. Then anyone (yourself included) could make the Michael Moore of Michael Moore. I presume Moore signed off on the whole take, right? It can't hurt a company to make the whole taping available. The NRA only wishes 60 minutes would make its whole tape of THEIR interview available, to show how they were Michael Moored. Reputable shows OUGHT to make the full footage available.

Although it hardly diminishes the impact of Bill's latest essay, I can think of at least one liberal actor who has actually been elected to something. Sheila Kuehl, California's first openly gay state senator, played Zelda Gilroy on "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis" back in the day. Of course, after her TV career, she went on to Harvard Law School and became a law professor, so she's got more content to her character (for good or ill) than the "empty vessels" Bill is talking about. I also had some dealings with her in connection with the California energy crisis of 2000/01, and while she and I disagree vehemently about the causes and solutions, I found her to be considerably more forthright and intellectually honest than the other Democrats involved.

Don't you remember that lady that played Ms. Hathaway on "The Berverly Hillbillies?" She later was elected mayor of some flyspect Brie&Chablis California hamlet!

Nancy Kulp sunk her life savings into a losing Congressional campaign in Pennsylvania. But more importantly, she was a runner-up in a 1967 Emmy category (can't remember which) for her role as Jane Hathaway, losing out to Shirley Booth in her role as "Hazel".

With respect I must disagree with your assertion. There are more conservatives than you mentioned and liberal actors are not as vapid as you describe. I think it's more accurate to say that liberal actors are not able to empathize with normal people struggling to succeed who are conservative rather than liberal. Actors have an innate charisma that they were given as a gift when they were born. It either gives them an inflated sense of their self-worth and what others owe them or they feel guilty and assume great success comes with some innate "advantage" (like theirs) that must be combatted to make life "fair" for those who are less successful.

Again, respectfully, I think you were just laying down a stream of consciousness that doesn't really hold water. Like I just did.

I was going to name other conservative actors, but y'all beat me to it.

Angie Hartman from Law & Order
Don't watch it, so you may ge right. Or did you mean Angie Harmon from Crossing Jordan?

(If there's an Angie Hartman, then we've got 2 more. :-D)

I'm actually looking forward to Michael Moore's treatment of the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries, which is rumored to be his next film. There's nobody right or left who doesn't admit that those government-coddled industries aren't far too screwed up. And with the boomers about to retire, well, I'm sure I'll hate it but it will serve a purpose.

Where would we be without vigorous debate? Until people start getting hurt, the more vigorous the better.

I can't see a Republican making much more than an infomercial, frankly, about the health care crisis.

President Bush is another example of celebrity president. He is the son of a famous celebrity, carrying his name and a fairly strong resemblance.

Does anyone doubt that he would have lost in 2000 but for his famous name?

Of course "Gore" is also a fairly famous political name. But far less so than "Bush" or "Kennedy".

Who was that woman who did all the official documentaries for the Nazi party in the 1930's?

Moore reminds me of her, only with more curves (yecch).

Actually you're both half right. It's Angie Harmon from Law & Order

Your comments about John Stewart nearly had me in tears - not laughing ones, but because I'm so glad to hear someone else say it. He criticizes constantly from his platform of doing nothing much. I stopped watching him while Hubby was in Iraq for that reason.

I'm not surprised that Gary Sinise is conservative (or at least not a raving Sean Penn liberal), he actually goes out to make the world a better place. You know, adopting schools in Iraq? Things like that, rather than the Penn style of sightseeing.

I saw Denzel Washington go after Meryl Streep on an NBC interview for her mischaracterization of bible verse. Guess someone forgot to tell her he's a preacher's kid.

Robert Duval?

I have also heard, believe it or not, that the guy that played the "other" biker with Peter Fonda in Easy Rider is somewhat conservative.


Vigorous debate is fine and dandy as long as it is fueled by fact.

Nothing in MM's resume has ever passed any kind of fact checking. When he is pressed on these matters he then claims that he makes comedies not documentaries.

Sophisticated editing of selected text is propaganda.

I'm probably wrong, but I thought Bruce Willis was a conservative and/or Republican.

Chuck Norris may not be the best actor in the land, but his contribution may be that he trains other actors for action roles and is general a great guy. How on earth could one not admire a 12th degree (or whatever he is) blackbelt. He some Grand Master something.

Not an actor, but Sammay Hagar is a republican too!

Andy Garcia?

Poor fella. I can't imagine the hell of working with those wackos on the Oceans film. Even in the publicity stints, all they could talk about was there love of Kerry.

Meanwhile, Andy just sat there being gracious, and kept his mouth shut.

Another singer, Kid Rock is a republican. Before the election he was with some other celebs and they all wanted to go see F9/11 he tried to talk them out of it and went to a bar instead while they went to the movie. He left a note that said something to the effect 'Moore sucks, Bush Rocks. Vote Bush'.

Let's instead list the elected liberal actors. That would be every liberal official. Because, if they're as smart as they tell us they are, then they can't possibly believe the drivel that they espouse.

Ted Nugent!! I know he's not an "actor" per se. I read that he admires the President so much that he is buying property in Crawford, TX.

Charlton Heston won the Academy Award for Best Actor in Ben Hur. He wasn't the best actor of the century, but certainly during in his heyday, he was considered a fine one.

I've been interested to know why Heston's acting opportunities were suddenly reduced to B-level scripts during the 60's and 70s and finally down to nothing at all. Could his history of taking public stands on conservative issues have placed him on the Hollywood blacklist? (That's the other famous blacklist, the one that Hollywood won't admit they created during the 60s in order to punish right wing actors by excluding them from the movie business.)

There's a decent list of conservatives at http://celiberal.com/theRighties.php. Some, such as James Earl Jones, are not conservatives but have publicly taken a conservative position. (Note that militarily deposing Saddam is a "classic liberal" position, as opposed to the knee-jerk "opposition liberal" positions so prominent today.)

Some others not posted in these comments:
Kevin Costner, Kurt Russell, Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Dennis Franz, and (of course!) R. Lee Ermey.

And the South Park guys (Matt Stone and Trey Parker) famously declared while receiving a Hollywood award that they're Republicans.

Right Brain/Left Brain Dominance.
Logical vs. Intuitive
Verbal vs. Non-verbal
Reality vs. Fantasy
Linear vs. Holistic

It's sometimes difficult to think about R/Brain L/Brain because we are so programmed to the political terminology of Left and Right, which is the opposite...L/Brained people are on the Right politically, while R/Brained people are on the Left politically.

But the point for this discussion is, more R/Brained people are going to seek and succeed at professions in the arts, and these people will also more likely be on the Left politically.

While there are always exceptions to the rule, I agree with Bill that Leftist artists tend to be better artists than those on the Right. They are programmed to be more emotional than logical, which is why I sometimes just have to suck it up, and buy that new Sheryl Crow CD because, dammit, she's awsome!

To add to the list of Left Brain/Conservative celebrities: Alice Cooper, Neil Pert (Rush), and Joe Perry (I think... he hangs with Terrible Ted and hunts on his ranch a lot now that he's sober).

And as a reminder we humans refuse to be neatly categorized, Gene Simmons of KISS. If it is possible to be hyper-dominant on both sides of the brain at the same time, this is the guy.


10th is as high as they go. Norris is a Grandmaster, but I'm not sure of his exact rank.

At that level, it really doesn't matter.

I think James Wood said he isn't a conservative or Republican, but he's pro-Iraq war and the War on Terror. That'd make him more like Glenn Reynolds.

jmflynny wrote "get a copy of the Jay Leno episode with Michael Moore. It aired about a month ago and, trust me, it was the exact same speech!"

According to the zap2it.com tv listings, Moore is on Leno again tonight, Jan. 7, but it isn't a repeat.

Lately, I've been noticing that there's actually two Mikeys. The "funny, self-deprecating, reasonable" Mikey who showed up for Sunday Morning Shootout and who was also seen clean-shaven and wearing a suit and tie on Jay Leno a while back.

Then there's the "snarling angry moonbat" Mikey you can see in the insane rants he posts on his website and also some interviews with local newspapers where everything is "f--- this" and "f--- that".

As to which one is the real Mikey, I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader.


All of these are stanch conservatives. That they are of the female persusion makes it even better.

Hey, I want to comment, but I keep getting this message.

"Your comment was denied; at some point, it matched our blacklist."

Blacklist? Help! What did I do?

Joel - you're thinking of Nancy Kulp, from the Beverly Hillbillies. But she was never elected. In 84 she sank all her money in a run for congress, Buddy Epson came out against her and she lost.

I think the point is that when you look at actors that have gone on to political careers, they are ALL conservative. Stupid actors are liberals, smart actors that can do other things in life are conservatives. Most smart people look at acting as a very silly thing to do - on average it doesn't pay nearly as well as working at a car wash.

Zwicker - Fred Thompson was a lawyer first, and got his start in acting playing himself in a 1985 Sissy Spacek movie called "Marie." He then acted for years (See "Flight of the Intruder" "Fat Man and Little Boy" "Die Hard 2" "No Way Out" "Days of Thunder") before he went into the Senate. Then back to acting when he retired from politics.

Bill - hypothetically speaking here. Could a skilled editor take what you are going to broadcast of MM, turn it into a 2 minute endorcement of Bush, and release it on the internet? Not the raw footage, mind you, but the stuff that anyone in the world could play with.

Don't forget Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Emma Caulfield, also known for her Beverly Hills 90210 role.

She has made comments about running for office before.

Jerry Doyle WAS married to Andrea Thompson. They met and married while both were in B5, and they divorced while he was still at B5, and she had moved on.

I think Mr. Whittle that many of us would benefit a great deal from learning more about how editing affects us. You gave a few examples, but if you devoted a whole essay to it, we'd be better off. Just something to consider..

Here is a link to a comprehensive list of conservative republican celebrities. I don't quite know the criteria but it is a good list of actors, sports figures, musicians, and others. We are not as alone as you may think:


"Charlton Heston won the Academy Award for Best Actor in Ben Hur. He wasn't the best actor of the century, but certainly during in his heyday, he was considered a fine one."

Yes and Mr. Heston earned his props and pissed a lot of people off by marching w/ Dr. M.L. King in the 60's. He's always stood on the right side (correct side) of the issues.

I'm confused... are all these actors listed the good guys or the bad guys? I forget the URL/site/name that had the 6 question political quiz, etc., but I came up 100% at the top point. Not let or right. What does this mean?

I am in the box by -6,-5 to -2,-7 -- I guess that's
more left, according to this place.

Am I the enemy?


surprised that someone hasn't thrown out Tom Hanks and Robin Williams yet. Both are BIG military supporters and I know Robin has done a few USO tours recently.

Ajalonvox, do you refer to Leni Riefenstahl?


As much as I dislike frivolous comparison of one's political opposites to the Nazis, I think comparisons between her and Mr. Moore are telling.

Hitler was impressed with a number of German filmmakers and approached them to do propaganda films for the Nazis. Some of them, such as Fritz Lang, subsequently fled to America, but Riefenstahl took the bait and stayed to be the First Lady of documentary films for the Nazi Party. Like Moore, she was the mistress of the judicious edit; she also had considerable directorial and storytelling talents, all of which she flagrantly misused in films such as "Triumph of the Will." Later, when the Third Reich was no longer in power, she tried (unsuccessfully) to step away from her work, claiming she had been used by the Nazis.


In her case, I'd say she sold out to outright evil; since I have not yet watched a Michael Moore film, I cannot honestly say if this is also the case with the Shrieking Butter Troll. But from some of the things I've heard he's done, manipulating and tweaking the raw data until it supports his left-wing fever dreams, I'd have to guess he and Leni would get along very well indeed.

Speaking about conservative actors, we should also add:
Bo Derek
Cheryl Ladd
Patricia Heaton
Mel Gibson (sometimes)
Jimmy Stewart
Robert Davi (the villain from Licence to Kill Bond movie)
And there are probably many more but are afraid to come out of the closet because of fear that they be forced to listen, as a punishment, to Barbra Streisand singing.

OK, two more things.

First, to Bill: what happened to half your post? It seems to have evaporated since I first read it yesterday.

Second: I have to take very slight occasion to this remark.

"Out of the ashes of September 11th, rose a man who stood upon the rubble of Lower Manhattan, with a bullhorn in his hand, and said "I will protect you, and you will never... be attacked... again."

And the people were never... attacked... again. And everyone lived happily ever after.

Now I listened to this, and my first thought was: And what part of that story was fictional, you son of a bitch? That sounds just exactly like what happened to me."

While this is a good point, I don't know many Republicans who voted for Bush because they believed he would absolutely keep them safe from another attack. There are just too many variables to keep that from happening, and we are dealing with people who have no problem with the idea of blowing themselves up as a contribution to The Cause.


Should another attack come--and I think one is very likely to come--I prefer to have Bush in charge over some moonbat who believes all that is necessary is to sit down and have a reasoned conversation with people who ram commercial airlines into buildings, send children wired with explosives into crowded markets, and cut off the heads of people with whom they disagree. Bush recognizes who and what we are fighting. Leftists do not.

Ajalonfox - Leni Riefenstahl is the name you're looking for. She made the Hitler propaganda films and spent the rest of her life being blacklisted for it. And a long life it was! I think she died in 2001 or 2002 or thereabouts, at about 250yo or so, still trying to get her work on the 1936 Olympics released.

OOPS. Just noticed someone beat me to the punch on her frauness, L. Reifenstahl. And to top it off, I misspelled your name. Please accept my apologies.

To the one who brought up Tom Hanks and Robin Williams: I don't know about Hanks, but Williams is a well-known liberal -- I remember him years ago on the Tonight Show just ripping into Bush (the elder) and Quayle and all their policies.

However, if he's doing USO shows for the troops, kudos to him.

Actually, Hanks has donated a lot of money to the DNC and in particular, Dianne Feinstein.Also, just keep in mind though, doing USO doesn't say anything about political leanings. Al Franked does USO all the time and nobody would dare call him a conservative/republican.

Tom Hanks source: http://politicalcelebrities.tripod.com/

A little old, but you get the idea.

Typo: Franken not Franked

That list of Republicans at Wikipedia is due for possible deletion.


Must be too upsetting to the moonbats.

Has anyone else tried to post and got an error blacklist message? I don't know what could be in my info that would make it do that. I have gotten that message everytime including the first time I tried to post here. I have to put in a fake email and I don't like doing that.

Can I get this fixed Bill?

I recently discussed this very topic with a liberal friend of mine. I asked him if he thought it was a good idea for the Democratic Party to be relying so much on celebrities like Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi to get people to vote for the party. He thought I might be expressing a sour grapes opinion since the GOP doesn't have the star power. He then pointed to Arnold and Thompson as examples of Republicans relying on celebrity. I countered that the only Republicans he could cite were all people who got into office by an election, not by party bigwigs handpicking them.

Richard R- My point is that Fred Thompson made a namde for himself in government before entering the acting arena. In fact, I believe it was his role in the Watergate hearings that got someone in Hollywood's attention.

Zwicker - nope. He got noticed when he played himself in "Marie." It was a true story, about a woman who worked for the Gov. of Tennassee and witnessed pardons being bought. Thompson represented her, then represented her in the deal when her story was sold to Hollywood. The producers like him and asked him to play himself. He was great on screen, even in that first part.

confused - As far as being the "enemy" is concerned, you certainly don't need something like 'Political Compass' to tell you. You largely decide something like that yourself. If you start posting inflammatory comments, especially with little or no substance to them, then people will tend to view you as the enemy, whether you are conservative or liberal.

Remember - Bill is a self-described 'Recovering Liberal'. I'm reasonably sure that he didn't have a 100% changeover of his entire being because of 9/11, mostly the part that had been agreeing with things like moral relativism (which refuses to take a critical look at things that other people do, no matter how horrible they are). From past writings, I suspect that he was not as liberal as many a University Professor, anyway.

So don't worry about being classed as 'the enemy' - people are going to disagree about things, it's more about how they go about it that decides such things, rather than the actual position.

We also shouldn't forget two of the greatest Hollywood legends who have since passed on: James Stewart and John Wayne.

Tom Hanks, like Steven Spielberg and Tom Brokaw, is only supportive of and enamored of World War II and it's veterans. Like all good liberal/lefties they believe that WWII was the only time America did anything right. Anything before or since was corrupt, abusive, greedy, wrong. In writing the book "The Greatest Generation" Brokaw very carefully, and in my opinion, deliberately, delineated these very fine, courageous and great Americans as the ONLY "great generation". Not WWI vets, Korean War vets and most certainly not Vietnam War vets.


I'm under the impression that Bill is a former liberal (i.e. the text underneath the Welcome graphic on the homepage). His recovery is complete ;^)

There's too much classical liberalism in modern conservatism to define any leftward lean as "the enemy". For that matter, lots of us regard the authoritarian version of conservatism that likes blue laws and other busybodyism as as much the enemy as leftists who think they know what's best for everybody.

Anybody who characterizes their ideological opponents out of hand and as a group as stupid, evil, or both, has not only passed the boundary of fanaticism but is intellectually damned lazy in the bargain.

Note that this does not apply to people who are only interested in mocking. If you don't regard the people you're talking to as worth listening to from the beginning, then all you're doing is the equivalent of teasing animals to see them bark and snarl. In that case, you don't get respect (in the form of reasoned argument instead of a blowoff) because it would be wasted on you.

Note also this is an entirely rhetorical and general "you". If there've been any real trolls so far they've already been deleted. :P

i suppose i'll mention (again) that while I am an acting student i still have an ability to think and don't fall in line with the leftist tendencies of the theatre world.

in my theatre department at the University of Toledo, i was one of two students out of about fifty or so who voted for Bush. I swear they would have strung us up if they could have. one of the more open-minded of these students reported a quote from the head of our department: "wow, asher does some wonderful things onstage, (whisper) but did you hear he voted for Bush."

I must have the Emporer's New Leprousy, which everyone there can see but me.

Bruce Willis stumped for Bush 41 along with Ah-nold. Gary Oldman is also a conservative, but since he's a Brit that's moot.

Ron Silver is not a conservative - he admitted as much during his great speech during the Republican Convention. But he recognizes the danger of the enemy and is a big Bush supporter. Good for him (maybe he can be converted).

It grieves me to bring up this name, but Kenny G once spoke highly of Jack Ryan's presidential politics in Tom Clancy's "Executive Orders." I don't know if he's applied those ideas to real life.

And Tom Clancy is conservative too, if writers of his stature count as celebs.

To "Kelley" and "Kate Fitzsimons" -- I went back through the Bill's Blacklist "pending" files, all the way back up the comment stream to MY last posting (and believe me, there are THOUSANDS of "pending" posts between then and now, mostly Texas Holdem, Monogrammed Poker Chips, and porn, that are being held in limbo the requisite number of days until they are either "approved" by Bill or myself, or "time out" and vanish), and I did not see any other posts by either of you. So either you posted before MY last posting (in which case let me know, and I'll review further back up the list), or some other glitch has already nixed them, in which case we can only apologize and try to catch it next time before it happens again.

(Presumably you weren't using a screen-name like "Mature Incest" or "Rolexmania" -- I saw a LOT of them in the pending list)

Sometimes I think automated fix-its are more trouble than they're worth.

And LabRat! So good to see you back! You were missed!

And a final note -- the full account of Bill's little cross-country flying adventure is done now, and the pictures are "in the mail" to L.A.. So it should be appearing in a blogsite near you any day now.


Anybody who characterizes their ideological opponents out of hand and as a group as stupid, evil, or both, has not only passed the boundary of fanaticism but is intellectually damned lazy in the bargain.

Thank you, LabRat! Thank you! This occurs on both sides of the aisle, and I get so freakin' tired of it.

I think Christopher Hitchens said it best, "...speaking here in my capacity as a polished, sophisticated European...
it seems to me the laugh here is on the polished, sophisticated Europeans.

They think Americans are fat, vulgar, greedy, stupid, ambitious and
ignorant and so on. And they've taken as their own, as their representative
someone who actually embodies all of those qualities."

Keep knocking it out of the park Bill!

Thanks, guys. You make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I'm assuming it's you since the dog isn't blowing coat this week.

Speaking of editing, my sister-in-law showed up with a microphone at a Michael Moore rally at the University of Central Florida last October. You might enjoy the audio at this link


Reminds me of this quote.

It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.
---- Theodore Roosevelt

Ahhh... You may hate Michael Moore.. but I alone cancelled his vote for president. I even made the shirt for proof. taping him at my beloved University of Central Florida... I came up with the most interesting minute long Michael Moore rally available. Many a times he calls for his public to 'vote Bush.' Email me and I will send you the link!

My favorite bumper sticker has three checkmarks. They read:
_x_ Afghanistan
_x_ Iraq
___ Hollywood

The first two are checked off, the third box is waiting to be checked.

I also wanted to recount an article in Oprah's magazine that amused me. It was an interview that Oprah had with Sean Penn and she was asking him about why he published the big newspaper ad against the war in Iraq. Penn basically said, "I'm an actor, so I know how to read people. It's my job to read people! So I could tell that the Bushies were lying!"
That's funny, all of us though that an actor's job is to ACT.

i like michael moore. he's really cool.

GHS: Every time I use my Yahoo address, I get the blocking filter message. I just figured maybe all Yahoo addresses were blocked... Anyway, it wasn't a real problem since my other address was working, but since others brought it up, I thought you might like to know.

To be fair, the Democrats do have Ben Jones who played Cooter on the Dukes of Hazard and made it to Congress once or twice. He's liberal-but ran with the General Lee confederate flag so probably isn't going to get the Presidential nomination anytime soon.

Perhaps they've been hiding to protect their careers?

Hollywood Republicans: Fact or Ficton?

"But other than ex-action star and current California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, it's hard to find celebrities who sing the praises of the President. According to a prevailing theory, it's just too risky for Republican stars to speak out -- the possibility of career damage is just too great (even Schwarzenegger quipped after his GOP convention speech that wife Maria Shriver -- she of the Kennedy clan -- was so upset she shunned him in the sack for two weeks).

"I honestly think that it automatically hurts me if I said that I supported the war in Iraq and I support the troops," says Drew Carey, who describes himself as a libertarian in the "Rated R" documentary. "That automatically kills me for getting a bunch of movies, a bunch of TV shows. People don't want to hear from me." "

Within a hundred years, all actors will be digitalized images. And hopefully, all our politicians will be real people, just like they were at the beginning-farmers, printers, and military heros.

make the edit! pleeeeeeze make the edit!

OT: I received the following in my email today:
Wouldn't it be great if this actually worked? Since there were/are not any (WMD) Weapons of Mass Destruction! The service men and women are being maimed, wounded and killed for political gain.
Inauguration Day, Thursday, January 20th, 2005
For 24 hours people are asked to boycott Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, etc,. not go to the mall or the local convenience store and not buy any fast food (or any groceries at all for that matter).    The object is simple. Remind the people in power that the war in Iraq is immoral and illegal; that they are responsible for starting it and it is their responsibility to stop it.  It is to remind them, too, that they work for the people of the United States of America, not for the international corporations and K Street lobbyists who represent the corporations and funnel cash into American politics.
There's no rally to attend. No marching to do. No left or right wing agenda to rant about. On "Not One Damn Dime Day" you take action by doing nothing. You open your mouth by keeping your wallet closed. For 24 hours, nothing gets spent, not one damn dime, to remind our religious leaders and our politicians of their moral responsibility to end the war in Iraq and give America back to the people.


So, to everyone who frequents this website:

If you need to buy clothes, hardware, vitamins, or any of the 1001 other items sold at Wal-Mart, etc. at about this time, then be sure to schedule your purchases on Inauguration Day.

You might want to spread this suggestion to other blogsites.

I had a good laugh when I saw that "Not One Damn Dime" thing. What a truly superlative example of slacktivism.

A (likely) small proportion of the slightly less than half the country that didn't support the war in Iraq stays home and inconveniences themselves for one day by not buying anything and accomplishes, what? If they'd turned out in a demonstration the news teams would have something to film. If EVERYBODY stayed home that day they *might* have some good shots of empty malls and the like, but nowhere near enough people will do so to make such a shot. As it is the only people who will take notice at all besides the "protestors", if anybody does, is the people whose businesses in highly liberal areas suffer- and they have nothing to do with and no pull with the government. (It's very difficult to boycott an agency who collects money by federal law rather than market choice.)

So yeah. If you want to counter this travesty, do it because you're someplace where the local businesses might actually suffer a bit for the day, not because it might actually have some sort of impact on public policy. This isn't quite as sad/funny as "Guantanamo Bay Lockup Day" (stay home with your doors locked all day to protest Guantanamo detainment), but it's close.

I wouldn't even worry about the business in liberal areas, Labrat. Anybody who boycotts on inauguration day is just going to go to the same store the next day and buy what they need. It's a totally pointless gesture that, like most far-left antics, I find really amusing.

m-ehrhardt at northwestern dot edu

I thought Jon Stewart wrote his own show. At least that's what he says.

I hate to be a wet blanket, but does not finding any WMDs in Iraq after about 18 months mean that our intelligence agencies are highly overrated?

I guess I’m confused because if the reason for invading was WMDs, and there were none, why does “Slam Dunk” Tenet got the Congressional Medal of Freedom?

Help me out here.

I'm a bit curious myself as to why exactly Tenet merits a Congressional Medal, actually.

As for the WMDs, if our intelligence agencies are highly overrated, so are those of most of the rest of the developed world. The WMD case was built not just on American intelligence, but British, French, and I believe also Russian. Not only did pretty much everyone believe he HAD them- if you look back at archived articles chronicling the debate, they're over whether we should give Hussein more time and let the inspections work, not over whether he had them- Hussein behaved as though he did. There isn't another logical reason as to why he'd gamble so hugely by refusing to fully cooperate except insanity or extremely poor judgment on Hussein's part. Personally, I think if you've had your chemical-biological weapons program condensed in easy-to-move-and-store form for the past twelve years of playing hard to get with the UN, six months is a pretty good timespan to destroy or export most or all of it.

Of course, one other explanation is simply that Hussein believed he had a WMD program and did not. His lower chain of command lied to him about lots of other things, and not only do all those gold palaces cost a boatload, systems that are based to that degree on corruption and patronage hemmorrhage money. WMD programs are expensive too, and if you're not SUPPOSED to be able to easily find them...

go diddly damn, that was an essay in and of itself

nicely written as always bill whittle, and with enough truth to even make those anti-drug commercials look pale in comparison (see www.thetruth.com)

as always, your ex-ussr comrade in arms,


Here's a notable quote of clint Eastwood's to Michael Moore:
"Michael, if you ever show up at my door with a camera - I'll kill you."

that just tickles me

I have never seen a blind man hit the nail on the head so many times as Bill. You see, the "blind" terminology is used in jest, for the opposition sees you as blind, deaf and dumb. After all, there are many truths. Whatever you "feel" is the truth. OR may be....maybe...

"We do no end of feelings, and we mistake it for thinking." -- Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)

May I post my article "Americanism: Faith in Country" in the FAITH issue of THE IMPROPER. Please click on the left column to find the referenced article:


The man standing on the hand of the statue is a skydiver.

For my other articles go to archives, columnists, political punches-right.

hey bill, i'd love to see an article from you on martin luther king.
as for clint eastwood, in a recent article he said the old addage 'freedom is just another way of saying 'nothing left to lose'. i guess north korea and iran are pretty free huh..

Great article!

The trouble with actors is they spend their careers with people telling them how great they are -

And they come to believe it.

Refuting the existence or potential of freedom by refuting a song lyric is a surefire strategy.

Is nobody else surprised that Bill has 'People' who pre-emptively delete negative messages so as not to offend his Delicate Sensibilities?


Well said, sir, as always.

John Rhys-Davies was very outspoken on the underlying moral theme of LOTR. He's done Shakespeare, too.

Can someone please tell me where the Clint Eastwood to Michael Moore statement, "SHOW UP AT MY DOOR, AND I'LL KIL YOU", can be found ?

Here are a couple of places it can be found...

www.megastar.co.uk/ents/news/ 2005/01/14/sMEG01MTEwNTcxMzMyMDQ.html



Megan, while I don't have any first-hand knowledge of what might have been in the deleted posts, I do know that there have been many spirited debates here between intelligent representatives of contrary opinions, and the posts have stayed. Conversely, Bill has no requirement to supply bandwidth so trolls can froth all over his wonderful site. Perhaps the post to which you refer didn't meet the intellectual prowess to fall into the first category.


... I'm not a troll, well, actually, I am, but I'm one of those ones whose hair you rub for good luck.
I was just asking cos Bill said he had 'people'. You don't have to worry about my intellectual prowess, I may be a Princess, but I'm the intellect Queen, my friend.

megan xxx

I don't think you can lay claim to intellectual royalty if you're that incapable of detecting flippancy and/or sarcasm.

That's great coming from someone who calls themselves LabRat, because as everyone knows, they are the smartest of all creatures, which is why they are tested on before humans. Of course you can detect the flippancy and /or sarcasm there.
But seriously folks...
Lets make love (and chocolate) not war!
Big hello to Bill and everyone I haven't met here yet, not that I've been here much.
GHS - how come the name? Are you hairy?

megan xxx

Yes, I can. I am duly impressed by your ability to mock my name. I haven't been skewered like that since grade school.

Here's a hint: when coming to a new place, it's generally not the best idea to start off by insulting the host. Once having done that, it's generally further a bad idea to declare yourself intellectually superior, followed by insulting the regulars. It does not leave them inspired to be friendly. In fact, it's much like crashing a party, throwing drinks into a few people's faces, and then wondering why they all seem so hostile.

Develop some manners and we'll be much more genial.

Black list? This comment string decries creative editing and then black lists people? How odd...

Besides, "LabRat" is really a lab MOUSE plotting to take over the world! ;-)

Hm. I guess I should have used one of my old Usenet handles so the "princess" could show off more of her scintillating intellect. In addition, I could always do that, sign my name at the bottom of a posting and see if "princess" is one of the geniuses who would claim I was trying to hide my true identity.

Anyone catch the news this morning -- Michael Moore's bodyguard was arrested in NYC for carrying a concealed handgun. He didn't have a New York permit for the gun.

Michael Moore, man of the people, wants to take our guns away but of course he wants to keep his.

Of course my opinion of this creature could sink no lower, but it is amusing. Thus, I share.

trolling is an imprecice art.

bonnie you are amusing too.

A) Nobody has mentioned Burt Reynolds. He's a Republican.

2) I recall Tom Hanks about 8 years back up on a stage stumping for Bill Clinton.

D) RE: MM and guns -- Rosie O'Donnell did the exact same thing. She has in the past said, "I don't care what you say; if you have a gun you should go to jail" (paraphrase, but close to the exact quote) -- but she has an armed (concealed-carry) bodyguard.

Limousine Liberals like to make rules that apply to "the little people" but not to Big Important people such as themselves.

(and can anyone ID where I got my numbering system used above? ;) )

now now....

you Yanks take everything so literally....

Let's get a few things cleared up....

1) I am in fact a Princess, my uncle said so.
2) I don't dislike Bill, in fact, I knew him before he was famous...tell them Bill! I just didn't realise he was so popular in these circles, which is why I was surprised he had 'people'. That's all.
3) I have plenty of manners, or else I would have structured this message alot differently, believe me.
4) I am incredibly intelligent, or at least my nuclear physics Professor thinks so.

So, crash THAT party!


VP Admin,

You don't think that the military actions we saw under Clinton didn't hurt children? How naďve can you be? Why don't you ask some of those parents who lost children in those actions where their children are? You don't think Saddam didn't kill children? Why don't you ask some of the Iraqi parents where their children are buried? Get real!

Someone mentioned Dennis Miller. He's not really conservative; more libertarian/pro war/anti terror.

One of his "rant" comments re: gays in the military was to the effect that "I don't care where they get their jollies from as long as they kill terrorists."

Another (quoted by Michelle Malkin, believe it or not) goes: "one of the things I like about George Bush is he gets up in the morning, scratches his balls, and says 'I feel like killing some f**king terrorists today.'"

Not to mention everyone forgot about Larry Miller, although some might define him as comic more than actor. :) I thought his phrase adjacent jew hater was classic.

I forgot to ask you, VP Admin, what flavor is the kool-aid this month? Please, quit drinking whatever flavor kool-aid it is and read a book about war. There are casualties in war, it's a fact of life that we need to deal with. I hate to see anyone die, especially children, but I don't believe that Bush orders the killing of children, unlike the guy we took out of power.

"Which tends to confirm a theory of mine, which is that people who are really terrific actors are some of the most boring, colorless, hollow people you would ever be unfortunate enough to meet. I have met a few, and by and large they are simply empty vessels into which better, brighter people – the scientific term for them is writers – pour intelligence, wit, courage and character."

EXACTLY!!!I THANK YOU!!!! Throughout the campaigns, whenever a celebrity would speak out, my response was "Why should I put extra stock in the opinion of someone whose chief means of income is to say things OTHER PEOPLE THOUGHT UP FOR HIM/HER???????

"Comes a point where we have to decide if the end justifies the means. Once you violate your own personal sense of ethics on that road, there are no more freeway exits before Auschwitz...."

Do you really think this applies to everyone? If it did, would we be where we are today, as a country...? as a civilization...?

It is said that history is invariably written by the winners. Do "they" follow those rules from generation to generation, civilization to civilization? In this endless banter of the marvels of "editing", are we more interested in the truth or "our" side of the truth. Like any court of law, be it on television, at the movies, in print, or the blog-o-shpere that diseminates this response, it's not what you know (the truth, facts or the reality of, well, anything), it's what you can prove... Assuming you believe in God, there is but one judgement we must all concern ourselves with... and with it comes our own accountability to our ends and the hopeless justifying of their means... from the President, right down to you and me. Would we not ALL be better for it if that were the case?
So I say again, does your rule apply to EVERYONE... honestly and forthrightly.


"[A] theory of mine ... is that people who are really terrific actors are some of the most boring, colorless, hollow people you would ever be unfortunate enough to meet. I have met a few, and by and large they are simply empty vessels into which better, brighter people – the scientific term for them is writers – pour intelligence, wit, courage and character."

Strange: that doesn't square with my experience at all. For a couple of my college years, I tended to hang out with the acting/theater crowd. Far from being boring, empty vessels, they were some of the most interesting people I knew.

I have a different theory: the people who are empty, hollow shells are the ones who feel the most need to be celebrities, because that makes them feel validated. Some of them manage to be great actors as a way of being celebrities. Others never quite manage to be great actors, and are left with bit parts and long-term bitterness. On the other hand, the people who don't need the experience of celebrity-worship to feel validated, because they've learned to get their validation from better sources than fickle fame, don't seek out the limelight. Some of them are really great actors, too, but they're perfectly content to be stage actors, or take small parts and make them shine. Some of them end up famous anyway, but fewer, because they're not seeking it out with nearly the same desperation.

In other words, I think the causal relationship isn't empty->great actor->celebrity b/c great actor, it's empty->needs fame for validation->tries harder to be celebrity.


I spent a couple years in theatre, as well as community theatre. They were some pretty cool folks.

But note that they aren't the people we see on the big screen. Those folks are the end product of a demanding and merciless process which ruthlessly winnows out the weak. :)

Of course, it depends on how you define "really terrific," too. Heh.

"Terrific" as in "terror-inducing"? Heh. Never though of that. :-)

Oops. I meant "thought", not "though", of course. Wish there was an "Edit my post to remove that stupid typo" button.

Wait, there is, it's called "Preview". My fault for not using it, I guess.

Cool, now we, bloggers have our blog-toolbar - http://blogsearchengine.com/blog/index.php?p=123 !

I copy you on the political points and the odious Mr. Moore, but on Charlton Heston I would add this. Around fifteen years ago I saw him playing the lead in a major L.A. stage production of A Man For All Seasons, and he was terrific. That's a tough role, and in live theater there's no second takes or editing room fix-ups.

damn, I was asleep during the airing of SMS this morning. I'm soooo pissed that I missed MM... [/sarcasm]

someone else will have to let us know how it went, and if Bill's editting skills are up to par. ;)

I had the "pleasure" of seeing Mr. Moore on SMS this morning, and I must say it was the least odious I have ever seen the guy act. He seemed a lot more low-key after the events of the past 2 months, kind of like a guy who had his ass kicked in a bar acts a lot more politely the next time he comes in. He spent more time talking about the "craft" of making a documentary, of showing people something they have never seen before (regardless of the truthfulness of it's content). Other than that, it was pretty much as Bill described. I was still secretly hoping for Bill to leap onto the set and pummel Moore into submission. Didn't happen...

Enjoyed reading.

It strikes me that the things which the author and readers of this site find distasteful (Mike Moore, John Stewart etc.) are the very things that epitomise that which they hold so dear - a free, democratic and patriotic America. A country where objections to, and even dissent of, the country's leaders can be broadcast freely to those who care to watch.

Personally I enjoy Moore's work - he's certainly a little over-zealous and 'leading' at times. There are those who perhaps are not objective enough to realize this and take his words as gospel. The same can equally be said for the 'other side' though.

But, despite my personal views I really enjoyed what I read here today and will revisit. I am sure that there is a site out there that it the antithesis to ejectejecteject.com but isn't that great?

Wonderful to be afforded such choice and freedoms with which to make up ones own mind.

That the freedom to dissent is one of the wonderful things about America goes without saying. You'll note we're exercising exactly the same freedom- dissenting with the dissenters. Nobody actually wants them to shut up (okay, we do when we're throwing things at our TV set, but it's transitory), because it's much more useful for people to open their mouths and provide a target. Being discredited is MUCH worse than being suppressed.

Seriously though, why would ANYBODY think that bloggers and their Faithful Readers are anything but 100% behind the freedom to babble? ;)

Film actor George Murphy ( http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0614278/ ) was elected to the Senate as a Republican from California in 1964 while Lyndon Johnson was winning the Presidency in a landslide.

YAY! No Oscar nominations for Moore this year.

You've got that one right --- Ted Rall is the epitome of human filth.

Dear Bill,

I gave your book to my Dad for Christmas. He loved it! He said he cried a great deal. Please comment on the following story. It seems that through their "sharia law" they are bringing the fight back to our shores.

> The New Jersey Slayings--The Most Buried Story of the Year--Jan Markell
Olive Tree Ministries, Inc

Semi-Weekly Review of the News - January 25, 2005

Last week I briefly reported on the slaying of the Armanious' family, Coptic Christians from Egypt living in New Jersey. They had been dialoguing with local Muslims and had led some to supposedly "convert" to the Copt faith but the conversions were a tactic known as "taqiyya." In other words, it was religious deception. When the "converted Muslims" came to visit the Armanious family, they were welcomed in (thus no forced entry) and were brutally slain.

Large numbers of Coptic Christians from Egypt have fled to America due to persecution in their home country. These people are devout in their faith which actually predates Islam in Egypt. They make up about 10% of the Egyption population--far too large for a Muslim nation to tolerate. The scenario was the same in Lebanon and the Lebanese Christians came under a similar kind of persecution and near annihilation. Brigitte Gabriel tells the gripping Lebanon story on my "radio archives" for December 11, 2004.

The Armanious' story indicates that "sharia law" is now being practiced by American Muslims in America. The Armanious' family was worse than infidels as they sought to convert Muslims.

Have you read much about this story? The mainstream media has conveniently buried it and unless you prowl around the Internet, you will hear little about it, when in fact, there should be national outrage coming from both religious and secular America. People were slaughtered like chickens in our great nation because their faith honors Jesus and denounces Allah. Why is there no national outcry? Will the Islamic community assist the authorities in finding the perpetrators? Don't count on it.

Others who will not be cooperating include the ACLU, the Human Rights Watch, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). These organizations instead exist to make it impossible for law-enforcement to uncover the schemes of the Islamic jihadists among us, and almost 300 million Americans are at risk. When will the people of America rise up and put an end to this insane political correctness?

It is this PC that says that if we do anything to a terrorist detainee or Muslim in our land that does not follow the demands of CAIR and the liberal establishment, we are no better than they are. This was reiterated last weekend on my radio show, "Understanding the Times," by David Horowitz, a 1960's Leftist radical who understands all of this better than most. His current book is "Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left." I cannot recommend it strongly enough, and the show will be up on my "radio archives" no later than Friday of this week at www.olivetreeviews.org. Bottom line: the Left tends to side with the enemy. The Left sympathizes more with the Islamic jihadists in our midst than with families like the Armanious's.

It would seem that the greater the atrocity, the stronger is the wish that preferential treatment be shown to the perpetrators of evil, all in the name of tolerance, diversity, and political correctness.

We are standing in the way of our own self-preservation with the willing accomplices of the Left, and particularly the mainstream media. It's time for us to speak up and purge ourselves from such foolish, destructive behavior. We are handing those that don't have America's best interests in mind the rope they need to hang us. We can be silent no more.

Very interesting... I come from the conservative Republican stance and very interesting to read your stuff. For a little humor on the Democrats picking out a celebrity, read this in one of my favorite blogs Exultate Justi -

  • "Celebrity"

  • Hopefully that takes you to the article, new at this trackback stuff. Its the "Celebrity" article on Friday, January 21, 2005.

    Now that I've shown my ignorance of trackbacks, I'll just give you the link of the site, and use the date and article name to find it, sorry about that...
    Exultate Justi "Celebrity" article on Friday, January 21, 2005. at http://strategicintelligence.blogspot.com/2005/01/celebrity.html

    A Single Shot

    MOSUL, Iraq -- The 21-ton Stryker attack vehicles pulled into the neighborhood of al-Whada just after noon. Their rear ramps dropped simultaneously, disgorging dozens of American infantrymen into the cold rain.

    The soldiers had multiple tasks on this day. In addition to hunting insurgents and searching houses, they were to help get out the vote for Sunday's national elections. For the next three hours, soldiers armed with assault rifles and election fliers moved warily through al-Whada's muddy streets, trying to get Iraqis to embrace democracy.

    The inherent danger of the mission was driven home at 3:30 p.m. A single shot rang out, and 1st Lt. Nainoa K. Hoe, 27, the popular leader of the 2nd Platoon, C Company, 3rd Battalion of the 21st Infantry Regiment, fell dead in the street.

    "Treat him! Treat him!" screamed Staff Sgt. Steve Siglock, one of his closest friends. The shot that killed Hoe on Saturday was followed within seconds by a blizzard of gunfire aimed at his exposed platoon. It was already too late for Hoe, but his men stepped directly into the gunfire in a desperate attempt to save him while fending off the unseen insurgents.

    On the campaign trail in Iraq, U.S. troops are almost alone. Violence has kept away the election monitors, international peacekeepers and nongovernmental organizations that normally perform the basic tasks of electioneering in nascent democracies. With not even the candidates out on the streets, the role of getting out the vote has fallen to thousands of infantrymen like Hoe, soldiers who are menaced by the possibility of instant death.

    "The one thing people got to understand here is you got to have two faces" in Iraq, said Sgt. 1st Class Corey Myers, who was Hoe's platoon sergeant. "One as a friend -- as a helper -- and one as a soldier. And you got to be able to switch faces in a second."

    The elections, more than any previous event, highlight how dramatically the U.S. military's role has changed since the March 2003 invasion. In this increasingly complex environment, infantrymen are called upon not only to fight a deadly insurgency but also to perform civil affairs missions and "information ops" normally the province of noncombat military units and nongovernmental organizations.

    After a day of handing out election fliers in the driving rain, Hoe was cut down while escorting members of a military intelligence team to a medical clinic. The team wanted to know why the clinic had turned down free medical supplies.

    "This is the mission at hand," said Lt. Col. Michael Gibler, the 3rd Battalion commander. The Army had lost one of its "future leaders," he said, adding: "I don't think I'm any more bitter about losing a young man for a CA [civil affairs] mission, or an election mission. The bottom line is we have to get it done. And the sooner we can get it done, we can all go home."

    Hoe, a lanky Honolulu native, had taken command of the 41-man 2nd Platoon in April -- two months before he was married and five months before his battalion, which is based at Fort Lewis, Wash., deployed to Iraq. The command was the fulfillment of a dream for Hoe, who after several years as an enlisted soldier enrolled at the University of Hawaii so he could return as a commissioned infantry officer.

    "We have a saying in the infantry: You have tab wearers and you have tab bearers," said Staff Sgt. Hank Moreno, 35, of Tempe, Ariz. "Lieutenant Hoe was a tab bearer. He was part of it, he was a part of us. He didn't just wear it."
    Proud to Be Hawaiian

    Hoe quickly won over a skeptical platoon by mixing levelheaded decision-making with a playful sense of mischief, straddling the fine line between leader and friend, his soldiers said. He was an intellectual who one minute would debate the role of the Kurds in post-invasion Iraq and the next would launch surprise air pistol attacks on his men, who responded in kind. For a time, Hoe also served as the platoon barber.

    A surfer and swimmer, Hoe was so proud of his Hawaiian heritage "you could say he was a nationalist," Siglock said. Hoe's father, Allen, is a Vietnam veteran, and Hoe carried an American flag that his father had carried. His younger brother, Nakoa, is about to be deployed to Iraq as a member of 100th Battalion, 442nd Infantry. Hoe was proud of his family's military history but joked that Hawaii had been better off without the mainland. "He would say, 'We don't have to be a state; we were fine without you, just fine,' " Siglock recalled.

    The night before his death, Hoe stood by the campfire that the platoon lighted each night behind its barracks. He was especially happy, his men recalled. His driver, Spec. Enoch Thornton, had sold him a Black Hawk holster for $50. The holster matched Hoe's belt and resolved what he had called "a tactical fashion faux pas."

    Hoe stood by the campfire with his men, a familiar grin on his face, quick-drawing his 9mm pistol from the holster like a gunslinger.

    Before missions, the military raises its level of readiness to Red Con 1. Hoe would call to his platoon, using its nickname: "Hey, Outlaws, get ready for Red Con Fun!"

    Saturday's mission began as it always did, with Hoe imploring Thornton to sing a song by Tenacious D, one of Hoe's favorite bands.

    "C'mon, sing a song, Thornton," Hoe said as they sat inside the hulking Stryker.

    Thornton complied. The words to "Kyle Quit the Band" came over the platoon's intercom as Hoe sang along:

    One minute ago Kyle quit the band
    Now we're back together again
    Misunderstanding didn't understand
    Now we're back together again, la la la . . .

    The 1st and 2nd platoons of Charlie Company -- more than 80 men packed into seven armored vehicles -- then rolled out the gates of Camp Freedom. The platoons came to a stop at al-Whada in southeast Mosul, where since November insurgents have taken potshots at U.S. and Iraqi troops from mosques and vacant buildings.

    The attacks have intensified with the approach of the elections, soldiers said.

    The 1st Platoon worked the west side of the neighborhood, Hoe's 2nd Platoon the east.

    The men bolted from their vehicles into the slanting rain, running and sweeping their black M-4 rifles from side to side. Behind them crept the dark green Strykers, their .50-caliber machine guns trained on the neighborhood.

    On a cinder-block wall, graffiti read: "Long Live Saddam, Father of All Martyrs."

    Aside from the troops, the streets were empty.

    "The local population, they want to be hospitable, but a lot of times they're either nervous, just due to our very presence or due to the fact that as soon as we show up, several minutes later they're gonna start receiving mortar fire or RPG fire or small-arms fire near their homes" from the insurgents, said the Charlie Company commander, Capt. Rob Born, 30, of Burke, Va.

    Born stopped to chat up a butcher hacking up a cow in his carport.

    "Are you gonna vote?" Born asked cheerfully.

    He handed the man a red-and-white leaflet that showed two Iraqis casting ballots. "One vote is more precious than gold," the leaflet said.

    "If it's safe to go, I will. If it's not, I won't," the butcher told him.

    "Fair enough," said Born.

    About 10 minutes later, Born stopped to talk with Hassan Jaffar Ali, a 20-year-old art student. He said he planned to vote and thanked Born, telling him: "If the Americans are here, there is safety. If they go, there is not."
    'If He Votes, We Leave'

    Soldiers then surrounded a two-story house. The battalion had received reports that it was being used as a meeting place for insurgents.

    A paunchy, middle-aged man invited the soldiers to search the house. As they did, the 1st Platoon leader, 2nd Lt. Jason Shick of Grand Rapids, Mich., questioned the man on the second floor.

    "Ask him does he know any anti-American forces or anti-coalition forces at all in this area," Shick told the interpreter. "Tell him we're searching all the homes in the area, so he's not going to get singled out."

    "We don't have anything to tell you," the man's wife said plaintively in halting English.

    The man shook his head no.

    Shick checked the man's name against a list of suspects. Satisfied he was not a terrorist, Shick then tried to lock up his vote.

    "Is he going to vote in the upcoming elections?" he asked the interpreter.

    "Yes, they are going to go vote," the interpreter said after consulting with the couple.

    "Good. Tell him thank you very much," said Shick, heading back down the stairs. "And make sure he votes. If he votes, we leave. Americans go home."

    The two platoons then gathered for the final phase of the mission.

    The 1st Platoon was to escort two members of a tactical human intelligence team, or THT, to the medical clinic. The 2nd Platoon was to hand off an encryption device to U.S. advisers working with Iraqi troops near a hospital.

    At the last minute, however, the orders changed. Hoe was ordered to escort the THT to the clinic.

    "Nobody had a problem with it. It was just easier for us to transport the THT guys, so we swapped missions," Siglock recalled. In interviews, he and 15 other soldiers described the events that followed.

    Hoe decided to pull up several hundred yards short of the clinic and take only one squad of nine soldiers to avoid frightening the clinic staff. When the men dismounted from the rear of the Stryker, however, the platoon was still a city block away, farther than Hoe had intended.

    "Everyone remount," Hoe started to say, according to Thornton, who was still in the vehicle. Then he decided against it. "Nah, [expletive] it, we'll walk."

    Hoe joined the formation, the two-man intelligence team behind him. The soldiers began to walk toward the clinic on a street that ran along an open field. On the other side of the field, about 250 yards away, stood a mosque.

    The shot rang out from a building near the mosque. Hoe was wearing a bulletproof vest, but the bullet hit him in the exposed crease behind his left shoulder. It traveled through both lungs and punctured his aorta before exiting his body through his right armpit. He died almost instantly, doctors later concluded.

    "Ow," Hoe seemed to say as he fell.

    "In my opinion, it was an ambush initiated by a sniper," Siglock said. The sniper probably identified Hoe as the platoon leader by his proximity to his radio operator, Pfc. Jerome Roettgers, 23, of Cincinnati, who was trailing Hoe with a two-foot antenna.

    As Hoe lay in the street, Siglock relayed the unthinkable to Myers, the platoon sergeant: "2-7, this is 2-1, 2-6 is down."

    Hoe's radio call sign was Tiger 2-6.

    The message bludgeoned the platoon.
    Fire From the Mosque

    In the brief moment of shock, at least five insurgents opened up on them. The shots came from across the field; muzzle flashes were seen coming from the tall minaret of the mosque.

    The platoon scrambled to return fire and rescue its leader. Roettgers was the first to reach Hoe, but the platoon leader "was waterlogged" from a day spent patrolling in the rain and standing in the Stryker's open hatch, he said. Roettgers could barely budge him.

    Roettgers was joined by Pfc. Robert Layton, 23, of Buckley, Wash., and the two began to pull Hoe off the street. But they couldn't find cover. Both were bracing to be shot when Pfc. Darrin Gooding, 21, of Annapolis stepped directly between them and the insurgents and began firing back. Gooding had been just a few feet from the Stryker when the ambush occurred. He could have taken cover behind it, but instead he moved into the fusillade to protect the three men.

    "That was probably one of the most comforting sights I've ever seen in my life, reaching down for Lieutenant Hoe and as I look up, I see Gooding backing down on us, shells flying," Layton said.

    The men got Hoe into an alley, which the platoon then sealed off with a Stryker. Myers and the platoon medic, Spec. Rusty "Doc" Mauney, took over. Mauney gave Hoe two quick "rescue breaths" and took his pulse. Hoe had none. Mauney thought he might have missed it because of the noise from the gunfire, but the firing stopped and Hoe's condition was the same.

    Hoe was dead, but his men refused to believe it.

    They loaded him into the Stryker and drove to the combat support hospital about seven miles away. The 21-ton trucks raced 60 mph through the streets of Mosul, fishtailing around corners, air horns blasting.

    Inside the lead vehicle, Mauney frantically performed chest compressions while Myers gave Hoe mouth-to-mouth. "I was covered in his blood," Myers recalled somberly. "We were doing the compressions, and every time there would be something coming out of something and hitting me in the face. There was swelling in his chest area; the blood was pooling up in his chest. We turned him on his side to get the fluid out of his lungs, like you'd do when somebody is drowning. A large volume of blood came out at that point."

    "Don't give up!" Myers shouted at Hoe. "Don't you [expletive] quit on me!"

    Mauney and Myers helped carry Hoe into the emergency room. A doctor walked over to Myers to see if he too had been wounded. When the doctor learned that Myers was covered in Hoe's blood, he took out a white rag and tenderly wiped off his face, "like I was some kid who had candy all over him," Myers said.

    The rest of the platoon gathered in a dirt parking lot that had turned into a swamp. The men were soaked. It was still raining, but no one sat inside the Strykers. Nearly everyone was smoking; they burned the cigarettes to the butt and then used them to light more.

    Mauney was still in the operating room when the chief surgeon shook his head and announced, "Time of death: 1602."

    Mauney walked outside and smoked. A doctor came out and handed him Hoe's soaked pistol belt. The medic kept thinking about the previous summer. Hoe had been hit by a car while jogging, and Mauney went to his house every day to change his dressing.

    "Hey, Doc, I never saw a medic who makes house calls," Hoe's new wife, Emily, teased him. Then she said: "Well, I don't have to worry about him over there with you looking out for him, do I?"

    "I was just sitting out there in the rain, holding his pistol belt, and that was going over and over in my mind," Mauney said.

    By then, Gibler, the battalion commander, had arrived. He wanted to break the news to the platoon, but Myers insisted that he be the one to do it.

    Gibler, Myers and Born, the company commander, walked out into the rain. The platoon was gathered around the Strykers. Some of the soldiers already knew. Some knew but didn't want to believe it.

    "Nainoa didn't make it," Myers told them.

    The men were crying now, all 40 of them. Born started to speak. "I know how close you all are. . . ." He broke down and turned away.

    Myers announced that anyone who wanted to could come inside the hospital and pay their last respects. At first, no one moved. Then slowly the soldiers shuffled forward.

    Hoe rested on a gurney in a remote hallway. He was covered by a blanket except for his face.

    His men walked slowly around the gurney until they had nearly formed a circle. Then the entire platoon, all 40 men, knelt beside their platoon leader and prayed.

    The men rose and moved on. Some reached out and stroked Hoe's cheek. Some leaned over and whispered into his ear.

    "Vaya con Dios," said Moreno.

    Siglock recalled that Hoe had once told him that if he could surf every day for the rest of his life, he would. Now, sobbing, Siglock told Hoe: "You caught your wave."

    Roettgers, who slept on the bunk above Hoe's and was with him more than anyone, looked at the platoon leader and smiled. Hoe's eyes were halfway open.

    "That's the way he sleeps," Roettgers said.

    No comment on the Iraqi election, Bill? I was so looking forward...

    To the Iraqi people the world over -- Congratulations seems hardly worthy a word to express to you the happiness I felt for your country today!

    "No comment on the Iraqi election, Bill?"

    Well, as much as we'd all like Bill to speak up right away, whatever he's got cooking up is going to be more than worth the wait.

    This is big, and it deserves time to develop.

    "Out of the ashes of September 11th, rose a man who stood upon the rubble of Lower Manhatten, with a bullhorn in his hand, and said "I will protect you, and you will never…be attacked...again."

    And the people were never…attacked…again. And everyone lived happily ever after."

    Ha, so far. And no wonder. It'd be real hard to find another time to strike precisly when US defenses are are at their weakest. Was there a leak? or was it just a coincidence that 'they' picked the very day the bulk of US domestic air defense would be halfway across Canada and involved in other joint military exercises?

    Look into a man named Michael Ruppert. He has a book too. He is not nearly as a colorful writer as yourself, but he draws a map that makes logical sense of seemingly illogical actions. I sincerely hope he's wrong.

    But it really doesn't matter anyway. The 9/11 whitewash is complete. Kerry would've been no different. Bush is back in full force now, planning to loot the last available *LARGE* liquid money source, social security, to distribute among Wall Street companies, only to keep them afloat for that much longer, at, as usual, taxpayer expense. (if you look back to 2000, he said that he wouldn't touch SS unless, among other factors, we were at war). Pretty amazing.
    NO, pretty spectacluar! Best wishes, John

    As much as I'd like to rip into the previous post, I won't. (OK, just one little rip: Here's a clue fer ya, Johnny: FOR THE MILLIONTH FREAKIN' TIME, THERE IS NO SOCIAL SECURITY TRUST FUND! IT'S A G@DDAMN PONZI SCHEME!)

    There. That felt better. Now, to bid'ness.

    Today is the second anniversary of the loss of Columbia. I mention it because it seems to have gone nearly unnoticed. It seems as if the loss of Challenger was a deeper wound, but Columbia happened when we were thicker-skinned (and in the middle of a war.)

    Anyway, today is a day to go back and read "Courage", Bill's magnificent essay about what it took to fly that machine. (And, not coincidentally, what it takes to win a war.)


    "I have dedicated my life to fighting everything he stands for."

    Justice, equity and democracy.

    Still, Moore-bashing plays wonderfully to the stupid cunts who comment above.

    "And the people were never…attacked…again."

    Not by Al Qaeda, at least, unless we are talking about the people of Spain, Indonesia or Iraq, the last of which of course have died in far greater numbers than Americans did on 9/11, killed by terrorist thugs of a different hue.

    Tonight, for a few minutes, I watched that dinner party for five on the IFC channel, with Sheen talking about actors' right to speak out, to make their voices heard. He compared it to heads of industry speaking out to help sell their stock, and it seemed to me that there was sort of an anti-business attitude in what he said. We've all seen it before, the condemnation of capitalism and those who attain success because of it, yet Hollywood thrives because of that very same thing they hate so much, capitalism.

    I'm sure most of them (Hollywood actors) are in agreement with Moore's views, and yet they put this liberal/leftist slant to everything, while they purchase five and ten Million-dollar homes, isolate themselves in gated communities and even sue to keep aerial photographers from taking pictures of their homes. Moore will be buying his multi-million dollar home among them, I'm sure, reviling everything it stands for while enjoying what such wealth brings him.

    Anti-business? Yep, while they're busy buying all those expensive toys produced by industry, and enjoying the fruits from the orchard, but hating the orchard owner and the trees that produce them. We used to have a balance in Hollywood in the 30s and 40s, but now there is not even a pretense of it.

    Did anyone notice how cleverly Annette Benning inserted a most Liberal viewpoint through the use of a single word: I want to thank my Comrades, etc., into her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes? Shades of old Joe Stalin! Shades of the Berlin Wall! She thanked her comrades. No wonder Hollywood is so enamored with Fidel Castro!

    One word that I can use to describe your writing, Bill, and it also begins with a "c", and that is: clarity. Clarity of thought.

    Hope all's well with you, Bill. Try not to fret too much about posting; we all have trouble keeping our New Year's resolutions. We look forward to hearing from you when the muse strikes and work allows. All the best.

    Since when is Ron Silver a Conservative? Last I heard of his politics, he was jeering an F-16 flyby at Clinton's 1st Inaugural because it represented, to him, COnservatism. Then, according to Rush Limbaugh (yeah, not a reliable source, but it's what you have,s ometimes), he says, "No, wait! Those are *our* planes, now!"

    Rush legend or what?


    Hey, I am a true neo-con, but lay off John Stewart. He quite clearly states he is a comedian doing a comedy show. Sure he mocks Bush, and in all reality, Paul Bremer getting a medal deserves to be mocked. But to anyone that takes what John says seriously, has missed the whole point of the show. It is a COMEDY show. Meant to be a joke. Not meant to be real. John says this over and over and over. I find it really telling the MM would beleive the stuff John puts forth on the show. anyone that watches John on a regular basis KNOWS it is a joke, but it seems that the M Moore's of the world still don't get it. If you want a real laugh, watch a rerun of the Daily show from the day after the election. It clearly shows why Bush won, and why MM is such an ass.


    that article was as pointless and empty as your countries politics. You're jsut as bad as Moore by writing this rubbish.

    You should grow up and realise that not everyone has to agree with you, and your pathetic joke of a government uses the very techniques Moore uses to do the opposite.

    American people are stupid, so you get retarded politicians. SUPRISE SUPRISE. your country will destroy the world.

    JERRY DOYLE!!! Are you kidding? MR. GARIBALDI is about as close to a real person an actor can get!! B5 is red state all the way.

    Actually, just wanted to make a small comment regarding the rants on Jon Stewart from some of these comments here.

    Although I heartily and fully agree with many of the points raised in this brilliant article, as in the others I've had the privilegue of reading on this site, I must say it is not a black white world here.

    Sure, MM could probably be the chief editor for goold old Pravda in USSR, but certain points that he highlights are still factual (US Saudi relations... in the world of today?? plzzz...) That does NOT mean F911 is a "good" documentary, but that point is worth noting.

    Second, as far as Jon Steward goes, again, his politics may be on the wrong side, but again, he does in my opinion a great job, in ridiculing all politicians etc that he can. Furthermore, his argumentation when discussing with the guys at fox was in my humble point of view, actually rock solid. He's entertainment. Thats all. He does not purport to be anything else. And that it is a sad day when a show like his can be compared with "serious" news shows.. I agree.. no matter what political colour he has, i must agree..

    I think media today is in a sad state (and so biased that the whole concept of getting any real news out of it is sometimes a real PITA).

    But, I think my point i want to make is that I think it is truly unfair to put Jon Steward in the same group as MM. really. I hold Jon Steward for a fairly smart guy, on the wrong side on many things, but no idiot by far, and for sure no wacko or LLL nutcase...

    just my 2c