April 26, 2007



Just after the "publication" of SEEING THE UNSEEN, Part 2, I saw a comment somewhere that mentioned I was back and that we could all expect Part 3 sometime in December.

It's funny because it's true.

To my utter amazement and deep embarrassment, I discovered that even with three or four months between postings, I was still receiving around 1500 hits a day. That made me realize something: this site was like a casino on a desert road. Once it was all lit up, all neon and searchlights, lines of cars pulled up to the entrance and bustle and activity everywhere. Of course, since then it must often appear boarded up, tumbleweeds blowing through the chipped and bone-dry basins where the fountains once were, broken windows revealing large and empty rooms and a general state of abandoned dilapidation.

And still, 1500 people a day would drive by, looking for signs of life... slowing down a little, then hitting the gas and driving off, wondering how many times they would keep doing this before they finally got the message and gave up. It's especially ironic to me as the son of a hotel manager. I grew up around hospitality. I know better than that.

Let's just say I consider the past two years a near death experience.

I have been away; but not out of boredom or because bigger and better things came along. I have been silent quite a lot lately because I frankly didn't think I had much to say that I hadn't been said before. And so I have been doing a lot of reading and a lot of thinking. I have probably ten different essays lined up in my mind: it's like the arrivals at LAX on a clear night -- the landing lights of jets sixty miles away slowly making their way to the runway.

But the focus, the click -- That I have learned I cannot rush. I can spend days at this screen and get nothing -- and believe me, I have written a lot that I just threw away -- or I could wait. When it's not time, there's no way to force it out, and when the time comes, there's no way to keep it in.

Well, I think the time has come! I've said that before, and gone on to disappoint you -- and perhaps this will be the same good-natured misunderstanding of my own nature. But I don't think so. Not this time.

Something profound happened after I posted SEEING THE UNSEEN, Part 2. The tone of the messages I received from all of you was very different than those I got back in the glory days of 2003, when I was knocking out a major essay every two weeks. No, these all had a very strong common theme, and it has moved me very greatly. Almost all had the same core message: I thought I was all alone. I thought I was the last sane person on the Earth. I didn't think anyone else could see how bad things have gotten. Thank you.

Well, first off -- you're welcome. And I am deeply embarrassed that I have been absent so long. Also, as always my gratitude is boundless. I tried to answer every email I received, and was able to keep my head above water for about two days and then the tsunami hit. So thank you all for taking the time to write. I read every one of them and I cannot tell you how much those e-mails mean to me.

Much more importantly, it renewed the sense of... um...obligation -- yeah, I guess that's the best way to put it -- that I once felt, to help in whatever way I could to combat the despair and disinformation that was rising like a flood tide and showed no signs of abating.

So, here's what's going to happen, in order of what I at least think is increasing coolness:

First, consider the place re-opened. The comments section has been restored, starting today. I'll come back to that in a minute. Second, expect a general facelift and repainting in the near future. I'm off to Gainesville this weekend, (the house being watched by a contingent of Delta Force Operators so don't get any funny ideas), and a busy work week next week, but after that I should have some free time to fix up the joint. Third, I have been a busy bee and have finally -- after a mere three years of procrastination -- completely re-worked a Second Edition of SILENT AMERICA.

 SE2Efront.jpg SE2Eback.jpg

This is the book I meant to publish in the first place: All of the typos and spelling errors have been fixed, the margins are justified, there is even a table of contents, just like on them fancy store-bought books.

AND - and! -- it includes both SANCTUARY and TRIBES, which were not included in the first edition for the compelling reason that they had not been written yet.

Also, there will be a hardcover! Something with a little more heft to throw at those skateboarding punks who refuse to stay the hell off your lawn!

The softcover proof is in the mail to me as I write this. We'll give it a final look-over, and when I am happy with everything I will take a day or two to re-format it for the hardcover edition. The fact of the matter is that I alone am responsible for the errors in the first edition. I rushed it to get it out by Christmas, and all of the meticulous proofing done on my behalf was simply screwed up because a certain nameless idiot (paraphrasing Principal Skinner: "Let's call him B. Whittle... no, that's too obvious. Let's just say it was Bill W.") accidentally deleted the proofed files on the way to the printer.

I've been reluctant to really promote the book because of all of the defects in the actual printing caused completely by Unnamed Idiot. But my amends are en route, hopefully better late than never. More updates on that in a week or so.

Continuing with my efforts to reduce the suck:

Fourth, SEEING THE UNSEEN Part 3 is essentially written in my head, but I am going to put that on deck, to concentrate on the something that I am on fire about: an idea that will at minimum generate some thought and a few laughs, but also just might completely change the World As We Know It and Save Civilization Entire. Which one will it be? Well, Thank God, that is actually not up to me. It is up to you! Aha! The worm turns! Soon we will see who is lazy and Away from their Post!

That idea is the soul I was looking for, the spinal column for the new collection of essays. It's the theme I needed to get away from re-writing SILENT AMERICA every time I sat down, and I believe I have found the way out and the way in. I've been waiting and reading and thinking, hanging on for the click.

And now I can't wait. It's coming next. It starts with an essay called YOU ARE NOT ALONE. It's different. It's not just an essay, or a series of essays. It's not just a book. It's a social experiment. I hope it will be a sturdy little boat in times of rising waters. We'll see.

So, to recap:

1. Comments are reopened. Re-introduce yourselves. Same bartender -- that giant silver-backed ape I've known for forty years. It's always a little slow at first. Things will pick up come Happy Hour.

2. Re-design coming in the near future. A little paint goes a long way. You won't even see the Bondo!

3. The Second Edition of SILENT AMERICA -- with forty new pages of essay goodness -- will be available for presale next week, with hardcover and softcover deliveries within two weeks after that.

There will be a presale discount. As always, everything I charge for is available for free on the right-hand margin. (I deeply admire capitalism -- I just don't understand it very well. )

4. YOU ARE NOT ALONE is on short final. From what I have read so far (I get advance copies) it makes all the false starts of the last few years look like a giant pile of dog poo.

Can't talk now -- cogitating. Be back soon. In the meantime, talk amongst yourselves. And try to get to know each other, because MUCH will depend on that in the days and weeks and years to come. If you've been a reader and never made a comment, now's your chance. Because what I want is a friendly place where people do not have to feel alone in a world that seems to be flying to pieces and whose last, best hope is the courage, intelligence and fundamental decency of the good people who never say anything.


(P.S. -- If any of you speak latin, could you please e-mail me at bill@ejectejecteject.com? I have a motto for the website, and I need a brute translation. Thanks!)






Posted by Proteus at April 26, 2007 5:27 PM

Welcome to the Eject! Eject! Eject! commenter community. Please read and understand the following:

1. This is not a public square. This is a dinner party on personal property. Good conversation is not only tolerated but celebrated here. But the host understands the difference between dissent and disrespect, even if you do not. Louts will be ignored until the bouncers can show them the door.

2. This is a voluntary online community. Your posting of any material, whether in comments or otherwise, grants to William A. Whittle, Aurora Aerospace, Inc. and their affiliates, a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide license to use, sublicense, reproduce or incorporate into other material all or any portion of the material posted, for commercial or other use.

3. If a comment does find its way into a main page essay, print, or other media, every effort will be made to credit the individual making the comment. So chose your screen name accordingly, SLNTFRT33@yahoo.com!

Now let's see some distributed intelligence and basic human decency! Don't make me come down there every five minutes!


Howdy Strangers! Long time no see!

Mr. Whittle,

First, thank you for taking the time to respond to my email. You pulled me out of a slump yet again.

I look forward to the opportunity to purchase the second edition of Silent America, especially after you said HARDCOVER! Woo!

Keep doing what you do. Take your time, I'll wait as long as I have to.

Intriguing. May the force be with you, and all that jazz. Looking forward to Seeing the Unseen, Part 3 and You Are Not Alone now.

Yes, you do like living on the edge.

An introduction:

I am a 70 year old retired software engineer living on the California Central Coast. I spent several interesting years developing real time graphics displays for NASA's experimental aircraft simulators at Edwards AFB.

One short story of many: I had the pleasure of standing just outside the cockpit of an F15 simulator who's control surface hydrolics had just failed. From 15,000 feet, I landed it by adjusting only two thumb wheel engine controls. I was guided by the HUD for which I had just written the software.

That's as close to being a pilot as I want to come.

I will be watching, reading, and commenting.

Glad you are back in ready to go form.

If you're writing again, Bill, I'll be reading....

That's not quite the analogy, Bill. Some people walk into the boarded up bar. They look at the pictures, dance on the ground, chuckle at old memories, then leave again. And they'll do this fairly religiously.

They'll be back tomorrow. And every day after. Because the establishment... well, it's just that good. Sorry, by the way, if my part in the giant flood to the absentee landlord has proven overwhelming.

Reading Tribes was an amazing experience for me. You put into words things that I felt deeply but could not articulate. I sent the link to all my friends and eagerly waited for the next offerings of clarity to come from Eject! Eject! Eject!. I became one of those disappointed people who would check in to see if you had written anything new. Bloglines became my friend. Seeing the Unseen, both 1 and 2, were very worth the wait, amazing in fact, and I sent those links off in their turn. Im very glad that you plan on posting more, look forward to your take on global warming, and fully expect to be sending more links off to my friends.

Bill, I am greatly encouraged by your reemergence. I think many of us were worried. I was lucky to catch you near the beginning, and followed the development of Silent America eagerly. I followed all your links to other sites and developed my blog addiction therefrom. They are all still frequently visited (though I miss Rachel and most keenly SDB) with LGF having become my favorite first stop daily. I guess I'll use my LGF nic here, can't remember what I used to use back in the day. But I have always considered this place to be my anchor of sanity, and I thank you for making it available. Looking forward to seeing comments from GHS, too, and LabRat(?) - always wondered if they ever did any of their own blogging on the side - they're the ones that stand out in my memory although there have been many strong commenters and I look forward to seeing this place come back to life. Thanks again Bill.

Awesome! Can I pre- pre-order?

I've read everything on your site... twice if I've read it once and never have I encountered someone who seems to feel and see some of the things that I feel and see. Thank you for coming back and I really look forward to hearing more of what you have to say. I'm new to the site - well, to the comments anyway - and I can't wait to get to know you and everyone else. This feels like it is already my home. :)

Thanks again - and glad you're back! I'll be pre-ordering the hard cover. The yellow highlighter has bled through my softcover copy of Silent America, and every-other page corner is bent.
I expect nothing but the best, and that it was we always get.
- Chase

Thank you again Mr Whittle. I have been one of those drivers who would drift past to see whether the old building's lights were shining again, and I'm so glad that they are. Like a beacon.

Hello again Bill,

Glad to see you are going to give the place a fresh coat of paint and maybe fix a couple of floor boards. I'm one of those people that keep coming back.... over and over... just to see if you are back to writing.

I've shared your writings with friends and family that sit on both sides of the fence. I can't wait to begin sharing your new observations.

Welcome back, Welcome home.

You, Mr. Whittle, have just "made my day".

I have been reading your essays ever since TRIBES and must admit to being one of those 1500 visitors (not every day; but often enough). On days when it seem impossible to reconcile what I see, hear and read going on around me with my understanding or view of the world (also not every day, but often enough) I would check in at EjectEjectEject looking for a dose of perspective.

I realized I was not "alone" reading the "not alone" comments here and over at LGF after your last essay.

I wanted to join in but registration was closed over at LGF and not much was happening a EjectEjectEject.

The idea of participating in a conversation inspired by your essays has me sitting here grinning.

I understand it could actually be December before you post again; but I am smiling now.

Thanks, Paul

Bill!! This is a welcome post from you, my friend.

I'm a married mom of three from north Texas, faithful blogger and committed conservative. :)

I can understand taking a breather. We all need to recharge a bit. Its great to see you back and fired up. You have a great way of putting on "paper" what I have mulling around in my head.

Sometimes in this world it seems like we are a bit alone. I think it comes from being surrounded by the loud lunatics. After a while they tend to drown out reason and logic.

Welcome back!


Glad to see you're back, even if it is only for a while.

Loved "The Unseen" and I am more than willing to wait for the rest.

Cogitate away!

I too was one of those who drove by on a daily basis, hoping someone would reopen a place that had given me so much satisafction. I didn't discover EjectEjectEject until someone posted a link to Tribes on another site, and then I had to wonder why the Hell your stuff wasn't the first topic everyone in the office discussed around the watercooler in the morning. I spent a couple evenings reading...um, and downloading too, everything you'd written, grateful that someone was able to articulate so beautifully the feelings and thoughts that had been churning through me since my once-beloved Democratic party lurched off so far and quickly to the looney left that it gave me vertigo. If you're ever in the Running Springs area and feel like having a beer, I'd be grateful if you would accept one on me.

Welcome back Mr. Whittle. I first started reading you when Frank J. interviewed you. I've been coming back since.

Thanks Bill. It's good to see you back. And it's good to find out your not alone.

For you, I imagine it would only take one of the above accolades to keep your focus towards your excellent writing. But just in case, consider this another.

We can and will wait. One of those 1,500 is likely Glenn Reynolds - a compliment in my book.

I am so glad to see you back in the desert! You're writings have helped so much in the insanity out there.
Looking forward the next!!

Again I thank you for keeping my faith in your words of insight. The large gold letters ejectejecteject.com will remain on the back window of my black Grand Cherokee in tow, US flag flying, behind my motorhome, as We endlessly criscross this Great Nation. http://daflikkers.com/ will continue to have your well deserved link in the right sidebar. I will once again begin to link intelligent statements in my email, to you for qualification. Keep on 'sluggin' Bill. Blogengeezer

Great news, Bill! I've been reading your essays since you started, and, yes, I'm also one of those who stops by on a daily basis. "Seeing the Unseen" was a great start, but TODAY is what I've been waiting for! Welcome back!

Thank GOD you're back! I was wearing out the tires on my cyber-jalopy driving out to the desert looking for those signs of life! ;-)

And just when I thought I imagined the whole thing...That perhaps Bill Whittle was as real as Nessie--a figment of MY imagination--created in a desperate effort to pretend that there is no need of some magical force that flies UFOs or keeps prehistoric beasts alive without a ready source of food. Thank you for showing me that I wasn't wrong, reality IS, and I'm not the only one who's capable of seeing it, existing in it and--dare I say it--advocating FOR its recognition and appreciation!

And now in the immortal words of Oliver Twist: "Please sir, may I have some more?"

Excellent news Bill.
Although I live all the way over in Australia, I'm one of those who drives past every few days and peeks through the boarded up windows.....never on the verge of giving up though as I can understand that to put your thoughts into writing with such clarity must take time.
In fact I've always wanted to do what you do......as an engineer by day who serves part-time in my country's infantry I have the dual frustration of seeing our brightest minds turned to mush by so-called progressive thinkers, and the trashing of our proud military history by the same.
Anyway, I am sure that one day I will find the inspiration (from those such as yourself) to get my thoughts into words and to 'fight the good fight'.
Thanks Bill.

Cool -- more Whittle essays. I like your stuff. I wish you'd stop parroting Richard Mitchell, though. Let your style relax a little. Not every sentence requires a clause hewn out of marble! Just ... you know ... talk. Your name is Bill Whittle, not Alexander Pope. Also, I hope you write more about nasty abstractions like statism & collectivism rather than continually hammering the "conservative vs. liberal" theme. I mean, you do it well, but if one reads several of your long essays in a row, it starts to feel like Johnny-One-Note.

Also, let's have more Beethoven, Bill.


Glad you opened up the comments. I have read everything you have written - several times. You have a lot of important things to say. Looking forward to buying your book. Looking forward to more essays.

Your unabashed fan,
Gary Aminoff


It's been a long time. Thanks for coming back to the blog!

I made a few more deployments to the big desert and wound up with about a thousand combat hours. I finally retired after 26 years and 8500 hours. My last day was my last flight. I walked off the flight line and never looked back.

I'm back in school these days and spending more time with my wife and kids. Life is great!

I've cruised through E3 almost everyday looking for my fix. Glad to hear things will be as they once were.

Thanks again for the great hospitality a couple of summers ago. It was an honor to meet you and share some stories.

My original crew has scattered to the four winds. Michigan, Colorado, Nebraska, California and D.C. They all treasure their copies of Silent America. I gave my copy to my commander to read. He said, "I'd like to have a beer with this guy someday." You have another fan...

Best wishes,

Man, I coulda been first.... but comments weren't working. I didn't have to worry about driving by periodically, I had the RSS feed on LiveJournal on my friends list, so I never missed the rare updates.

Ain't technology grand?

Hello Bill,
I'm up here in Canada and the lunatics are taking over the asylum. Your observation and sanity is a breath of fresh air.
I click on you everyday, eagerly awaiting more clarity to help unclog my mind.
Thanks to you.

Welcome back, Bill.
A year and a bit ago, someone(malkin, I think) made a passing reference and linked to "something new" from "the inestimable Bill Whittle". Having some respect for Ms Malkin, I came and looked. That something was "Tribes". Then it was "History", and then I paid way too much for a copy of SA. And kept it. I'll be needing some number of copies of Edition II. I'm unspeakably glad that they will be more easily gotten. So that I can NOT keep some.

I've been one of that 1500/day, and made many copies of the map. Walking around kicking scorpions gets boring. It's REALLY good to hear that the lights will be back on and the displays cleaned. TRIBES and HISTORY have been much on my mind the last week or so.
I say again, welcome back.

Hello, Indeed this is excellent news, all of it.
Now that the comments exist again, I'm taking this opportunity to verbalise (in a less intrusive manner than email) how very much I appreciate your work here and agree with what you've written here.
As you've noted, it is very comforting to know that rational people aren't *completely* extinct yet...
Again, thanks.

Wow! I am so damn excited!

Hey, just wanted to mention something. A few comments up, a VERY fine fellow named Scott B (needless to say, you are ALL fine fellows...) and his crew made me an incredibly special gift. It was a flag. A special flag.

THAT ACTUAL FLAG is the basis for the new front and back cover of SILENT AMERICA.

I tell a little of the story of that flag in the frontispiece of the new edition. If Scott cares to elaborate on it, well, that is exactly the type of storytelling I would like to see in the comments section. If not, you won't hear more from me on the subject, other than to thank him and the rest of his flight crew publically here, as I do on the very first page of the new edition.

Oh, and Trevalyan? Man it is good to see your name. If you enlarge the red back cover of the book, you will see it in print! It's a compressed jpeg here, but it is crystal clear on the printed page. Can you e-mail me at bill@ejectejecteject.com?

Thanks to everyone. It's like coming home from prison.

It's good to see life in the old building!!!
By God it was good to see you at the top of the blogroll update again.
Your essays have made a difference, and my copy of your book is getting a little dog-eared...

Hurrah! I am one of those who drove by every day, every single day, but this is better than my hopes. May the road gently rise to meet you.

Thank you so much! I kept coming by hoping. Your essays have helped me keep the defenses up against the deluge of bad news day after day.

A modern day Twain.

Never commented here, but I discovered this place a while back and keep coming back hoping for a new essay. My twice or three times a week hits are part of what hit that counter. Looking forward to the new thang.

At last. My seemingly foolish persistence has paid off.

Thanks for the ammo. Uh, yeah, funny thing. It was there all along.


Almost good to see your sorry conservative ass back in the saddle. Am looking forward to analysing your work as I sit on my socialist behind.


I guess in a way I am lucky. For the past two years I have been without an internet connection so I wasn't aware that the building was boarded up. I got to miss out on all of the disappointment. Bummer. I have had E3 as my start page for the past few weeks so I could get caught up on all of the old essays. Even printed them out and passed them around. Great stuff. Thanks for opening my eyes and my mind. Keep up the great work.


You should seriously consider taking this show on the road. You have the book, so why not put in the time for the talkshow circuit? You need to promote yourself. It could be lucrative, but more than that, America needs to hear more rational voices on the subjects of war and culture. How about a once a week gig on FOX? "Hi, I'm Bill Whittle, and this is my perspective on the week . . . "

Best of Luck,

M. W. Paules

Bill, thanks for your wonderful writing and perspective. Can't wait for the hardcover and your next essay.

This is some of the best reading anywhere so please, keep up the great work!

Greg K


I too followed a link supplied by Ms. Malkin to find you. I remember her writing that it (your work) was a long time coming but well worth the wait between posts. No truer words were ever written. Since that time your site is one of my daily stops. Disappointing as it was to stop by and see nothing new, I would never dream of not doing so. I can't begin to tell you what your writings have meant to me. Let's just say they are a clear voice of reason through the Bedlam of today's world. Without you and others like you, there would be a lot less reason to hope for our collective sanity. I eagerly await your next efforts. A thousand thanks.

I've been a waiting fan for a while and have gone back and read all of your archived material. Thanks for reinstating the comments so I can thank you for your posts. I'm also in the "thought I was alone" column. I've seen people literally flip a coin to decide who to vote for and look at me like a deer at midnight with a Mack truck barreling down on them when I try and convey a similar "which way are the boats heading" common sense explanation for X. Thanks again, and I look forward to more frequent posts and flashier website. Humbly, Ray

I'm one of the loyal 1500 as well. Often when my RSS feed told me nothing was updated, I'd check back just to make sure. Glad to hear that you're back.

Well! I joined the e3 yahoo group the other day, just so I could be around others who liked this site and your writings as much as I do. I haven't even had time to post over there yet, and you came back! wOOt, as my teenaged son would say.
I look forward to reading your new stuff, and I am glad you're back- my friends are probably getting tired of me emailing them to read Bill Whittle's site, he's GOT IT...
Keep up the great work!

Great to see you back i look forward to reading more.


I'm one of those 1,500 souls who has their browser Speed-Dial set to you, LGF, Malkin and the local weather.

Good to see some new stuff in the thumbnails, so I pushed the stick forward and buzzed by for a closer look. Order coming for the revision -- a gen-u-whine hardcover Whittle -- cool.

I originally ran across this site while stationed in Iraq, and after having heard the news from back home just pound away at us troops for doing what we're doing, I began to despair.

I gave up trying to explain to people that I joined the military and volunteered as EOD because I could do nothing less. My words never sunk in for some.

I love your site, because you say what I feel far more articulately than I ever could. I'd been hanging on, waiting for every new post ever since!

It's 2.49 am here in NZ. I am a late convert to your missives from the sensible side. Like a lot of readers, I've read the entire set of essays a couple of times. I'm ashamed to say that I've cut-and-pasted excerpts under my own by-line. I have no excuse other than my complete concurrence with your positions and an admission of my own fallibility. You say it as well as I could ever aspire to.
BTW I've watched dummy MIRVs come in from vandenberg to the lagoon at Kwajalein Atoll. That was more awe inspiring than than the climb to height in a cleanskin F15 I did over Nellis one arvo in the early 80s.
Fondest regards,


Great to see you have such a thriving fanbase, old friend. but where the hell is that flying car your future promised me?

Oh well, I'll keep watching, reading, and waiting. May you find the droids you're looking for.


34 Year old sports radio executive producer here. Since subscribing to your rss I don't go to your site until you post something. A magic little number 1 appears next to your ejectX3 header...and I get so excited. Love your stuff. I love to find someone with brass bells whose voice is being heard.

Welcome back Bill!

I hope your new social experiment is as good as your previous work, and I'm sure it will be.

I particularly liked Web of Trust, myself. After Honor, of course. I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll come up with next, like everyone else here. I was also one of the ones who contributed at least somewhat to the daily traffic here, when I would check back every week or so. Hope we see more soon!

Dam glad to see you're still alive and kicking. Welcome back to the fray, you have been missed.


My dad introduced me to your site back when "Courage" was the newest essay. I don't know how he came across you, but when he told me to read, I did. You see, my dad is a very kind person but not particularly sentimental or emotional. And, more than anything, my dad is wise. When he told me what that "Courage" made him weep, I knew he had found something he considered important.

My dad and I are very similar in the way we approach the world. My understanding of character and integrity are based on the example he set, but our conversations were previously limited to the religious arena. Your essays started a new conversation that has lasted more than four years now, and this dialogue with my father has been of inestimable value to me.

I have directed others to read your essays, but I find that so many people seem to be asleep. They don't have a sense of urgency about the issues you've been addressing. One friend commented that your URL sounded "nihilistic." I tried to explain that, if anything, your essays represent the triumph of hope and applied intelligence over nihilism.

I have been gratified to see that these core values are shared by so many other people. I look forward to the challenges it seems you'll be issuing, and to the results they will achieve.

Please excuse any over-sentimentalism (in this sense, I am different from my father). I have long wanted to let you know what your work has meant to me.

Thank you.

You know that feeling of subtle excitement you get when you go to see a movie you've been looking forward to, or reading the next installment of your favorite series of books?

Well when a new essay comes up here, that's the feeling I get.

The coffee gets made, everything gets put into place, and I sit down, relax, and read.

Thanks Bill, for turning the lights back on.

Glad you're back, Bill, because I spent a lot of time copying and pasting EVERY LAST ARTICLE into a word doc, printing them all out, and putting them into binders for the teenage daughters....only to find out after all that, that you went and published it for my convenience! *slapping head*...nevertheless....we love our homemade "Big Book of Whittleisms" and I am definitely buying the print version (updated) but no way in Hell will I throw something so treasured at a punk skateboarder....that would be like throwing pearls before swine!

Dear Bill,

Glad you're back. You've been missed.

I just wanted to thank you for taking time out of your already hectic schedule, to pen such thoughtful and honest essays.

It seems as though most people don't want to hear the truth anymore and are instead content to live in a fantasyland where evil doesn't exist and hatred can be appeased with some understanding and a simple hug. As ugly as reality is sometimes, I'd rather fight my battles/enemies head-on instead of being naively backstabbed in the end.

Thanks, again.

Seeing the Unseen are terrific pieces of writing. I am looking forward to more!


I've enjoyed your essays. Your viewpoint injects a much-needed breath of fresh air into the sometimes stale and sterile name-calling that passes for left/right dialogue in today's U.S.A.

Hurry back with part 3. I was one of the drive-bys until I discovered "www.changedetection.com", which allowed me to set up a monitor that emails me every time your site is changed. Since you're one of the folk who can say what I've been thinking, but better than I ever could, I really like being able to check in when you post something.
BTW, I don't care if you do everything in Courier 12 Text Only - don't worry about the format - just keep the content coming!
I already have SA 1st Ed, but am planning to get some hardcover copies as gifts. Especially like that you've included Tribes. I refer folk to that a lot.


I'm one of those 1500, so it's encouraging to think your essays will be more frequent. See .... I'm not even holding you to daily posts! That's how grateful I am.

Always happy to see some activity around here! I've been reading your stuff since '04. Can't recall how I came across your writings, might have been a link from John Ross... I was checking once a day for about a year, but I backed off to a couple visits a month... just checking, and a few times overjoyed to see something new.

I _know_ I'm not alone out here, but sometimes it's darned difficult to find good reading material that isn't loaded with socialist drivel.

If you keep writing, I'll keep reading!

As someone who was introduced to your writing with TRIBES, I'm estactic that you are writing again. Just like the person who wrote relieved to find out that they weren't the last person on earth that had not lost their senses, your voice re-affirmed in me that yes there are others out there who can also see clearly, not just through a partisan lense.

To Chris, I have to ask: If it is loaded with socialist drivel, how can it even be consider good reading material?

It's been a long time since we've seen the "Captain Kirk of the blogosphere" around here...but now...

"Captain on the bridge!"

Looking forward to seeing more soon...and I'll probably spring for the second edition of Silent America, even though I am a proud owner of the first one.

And: You still rock, undeniably and without question!

What everyone else said!

Good to see you're still in the land of the living.

How's Dana?

1500 people stop by every day. That borders on stalking doesn't it? I swear I only check 3 times a week. Thanks for answering my email, I can't delete it, it's my only celebrity correspondence. It's great to have you so enthusiastic about writing again. I'll be checking, but not every day, just most days.

So, is any of these upcoming essays going to mention Omelas? ;)

Go Bill Go! I respect your decision to not publish until you get the "click". The high quality of your content keeps me coming back, sparse though it is.

Somebody mentioned www.changedetection.com which looks just the ticket for keeping an eye on you. I'll plug www.bloglines.com -- subscribing to http://www.ejectejecteject.com/index.rdf works for me!

More to say but no time to say it. I guess you know that feeling ha ha. Have a great trip!

Bill, Glad to hear you're getting back in the cockpit again. I'm another one of the 1,500 or so and I've been here since Rachel Lucas first helped you cobble together "Freedom" from her comments section. Yes, I'm an optimist. You may think other people have said things before, and that may be true, but you say them in a way that connects on a very visceral level. Great to have you back.

You have made my day, weekend, week... Heck, you have just made things so much better! Can't wait for more - it is like sunshine in spring after a long MI winter!

Bill, Glad to see you're back. I'm looking forward to helping to save civilization, or having a few laughs. Or both! Both is good.


I actually have you as one of my homepages (I have four, Netscape is cool like that). So I check your site everytime I sit in front of the computer.

Much to my joy, I see that renovations are almost complete and the hibernation is over!

What's that? You want to know the Latin translation for "Whittlein' the knotheads out of America's family tree?"

It is nice to see comments opened up again. Just wanted to let you know I am another one of the many that appreciate your essays and thoughts on some pretty important issues.


Curse you, Bill Whittle for posting new material during my Finals Week craze!

I'm looking forward to the new stuff but hold off for a week or so until my brain functions come back, mkay?

You are going to save the world, Whittle! Whether you like it or not.

RACHEL LUCAS, ladies and gentlemen! How about a big hand!

Dear Mr. Whittle.
I cannot readily express what your writings have meant to me in the last few years. My Father joined the USAF at the start of the Korean War. I was born about 7 years later and was raised around aircraft, airshows, etc... He would take us flying since I was about 4 years old(after active duty, he worked at a civilian airport a few blocks from our house)Your description of seeing the "Thunderbirds" for the first time was complete Deja Vu for me. Your writings have re-kindled those long dormant feelings and helped me get through a very rough patch in my life. I see Mark Paules has written you earlier today. It was your writings that inspired us to try out our own voices with our very own blog. Pitiful stuff really, compared to you, but great fun anyway. All I can say is thanks for articulating so well what we all know deep inside.
Another of the 1500.

Bill, wonderful news!

Someone has to help stop the lunatics from taking over the asylum!

Welcome back, and take care.

Thank you sir for all that you do. I will definitly also be pre-ordering the hard cover. I may need to buy a couple because I plan to share that book with many people.

So good to see you back in the Blogosphere air, my brother! I am one of the daily 1500, so it's good to find something so shiny and new!

It's like old times to see Rachel commenting as well!

Glad to hear you're upping the priority on Part 3, Bill. I'm looking forward to it.

Hey, everyone.

I love your unique perspective on so many issues. Among my favourites are your description of what a war for oil would be like, that George W Bush was dumb, etc. It's great to see a truly fresh perspective on those issues after hearing the lefbots parrot the same mindless garbage over and over.

It's funny, I intuitively believed that the war was not for oil but for freedom, and that Bush is intelligent, but didn't have anything solid backing me up. I really loved getting some harder evidence in that direction.

Of course I was expecting Part III in late April, and that's why I've been checking the site every day. I know how deadlines slip so I wasn't particularly alarmed not to see it on the 18th or whenever it was you promised it.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'd rather see new essays than a site makeover.

But it is nice to get comments. The Yahoo group just isn't the same.


Glad you're back.

Babe, great stuff!

@ David Dennis:

The site is just fine, right (a little wide for my laptop, but that's cool)? It's the content that summons us.

Welcome back, Bill. I think I've about worn out my mouse clicking on the link to your site. Reading the above comments tonight caused me to remember a short science fiction story I first read about 45 years ago called "Casey Agonistes." And, dammit, I just realized that when I moved last fall I didn't save the book that the story was in. If anyone is interested, I think they would find the story very appropriate for this site. I found this link a little bit ago: http://www.scifi.com/scifiction/classics/classics_archive/mckenna/mckenna1.html

The skies have parted. The cherubs are singing. Let's get it frickin' ON!

(My eyes got as big as saucers when I saw the name R-A-C-H-E -L L-... appear in the comment section. These are all VERY good signs.)

Give our best to your CO at home. I'll have a PIREP from Riva, MD, for you in about a week...and I'll zap you an email with fill-ins.

Your friends,

Jeff + Kim

Outstanding to see you back, Mr. Whittle! You've also inspired me to write, though I can't say I've made much account for myself in that arena recently. Maybe it'll start again - maybe just in time to join in You Are Not Alone.

From a fellow pilot and a fellow patriot, I salute you, and welcome back!

Rachel - miss your writing greatly. I know you needed to protect against repetitive strain injury, hope you are doing well.

Sapper Mike - solid citizen - another commenter I respect returning from a hazy memory.. damn it's been a long time. My eyes are still blinking from the lights coming on in this place. Oh, boy!

I never want to sound impatient, Bill. There are others I read and I'm glad there really are a number of great minds making a contribution. But I will say I crave the grand sweep of integration you accomplish in your writing - the details are engaging but the big picture is compelling, and this is rare in the blogosphere. I'm eager for the next thing.

Yet another of the 1500+ who are peeking in the windows...and none too soon! Great to see one of the masters back, and we're all looking forward to seeing what comes next! :)

Hello all,

New commenter here. I'm relatively new to Bill's work... I came across Seeing the Unseen Part 1 and was hooked. Now I'm trying to catch up on his older works. Well, I hope to be in great company here and learn more :-)

Knock Knock.
Who's there?
It's Bill! Yay!

The timing of your return could not be better. It's time to rally the Pack!

Love your writing. What a breath of fresh air...

Ok, Let's Roll!


Can't wait to see what you're up to. You've been missed.

Mr. Whittle,

Glad you're back. Ideas are important, and your ability to express those ideas is important. Keep up the good work.

A boarded up casino doesn't really come to mind for me as much as a library with every book in it pert near read.
So as we wait on the little red engine that could to bring in a new shipment, I, one of the faithful 1500, check daily. Nothing new? There are plenty of older books inside worth a re-read.
Why we wait? All it takes is one real "aha" and we will come back again and again. The humor and clarity you can bring to a situation is worth patience. One piece I am so appreciative of, not yours, but brought in by you, is of the sheep, the wolf, the sheepdog. We are at war and it's execution and our military and their families are important to us. As it continues to unfold the players here and abroad are more evident than ever. Especially the wolves in sheep's clothing!!!
But I agree with the sentiment made several times earlier - when I find a new BW posting.....it's time to grab a cuppa whatever, prop up the feet and just stop the world for a few minutes.
And so you have found the faithful readers are patient, we are, we are - but I will admit to a daily whisper as I close out your site - Any time now Bill!
Best regards, Andrea


Someone put out an APB for LabRat! You have made my day, my week, my month, etc.

I have been one of the 1500, and also have gathered all the essays AND comments into files on my very own hard drive, fearing that you and Dana would fly off into the sunset and someone would eventually knock down the building and build a shopping center on this real estate.

This was one of the first places I found when first exploring the blogosphere, (how lucky was that!)and not only was I absolutely flattened by your essays, I was deeply impressed by the quality of the community attracted to your comments section. Although I lurked most of the time, when I did work up the spit to post, I was welcomed by people who used the discourse to hone concepts to a fine point. Having sampled many comment sections since then, I appreciate that community so much more. Thank you, thank you for restoring the comments section. I look forward to reading GHS as he hosts the party.

And as though that wasn't enough good news, we have a second edition of SA? Since I'm out of the last supply I bought, I am delighted that I can now replenish my stock.

Welcome back, Bill. You have been sorely missed.

Glad I did a drive by today, thanks for posting your plans.

Dear Bill,

In my desperation to maintain some link, I�'ve even occasionally sat through a certain nationally-broadcast Sunday-morning Hollywood interview show you edit. (Of course, the editing is so good --- so transparent--- I always end up being drawn in and listening to the talking heads.) Thanks to Rachel and GHS and all the others who have assisted and sustained you through the long passage.

Anyhow, I look forward to resuming conversations with the gang of maniacs.

David March
animator & fiddler
Virginia Beach VA

Love the new look for "Silent America", Bill -- great design. And I thoroughly understand the need for the "click" -- it's the same for any kind of artistic endeavor. Creativity is both fragile and strong -- sometimes it knocks down the door and stomps all over you, other times it hides under the furniture and can't be coaxed out. Stalking it just drives it away, and forcing it just wrecks it. Myself, I only want the best, so I'm more than willing to wait!

I had read sanctuary pt1 when you wrote it, but I came across it through a link; it really helped me understand what was happening in the middle east. I didn't note the site, and lost track of it until lgf sent me here to read seeing the unseen pt 2. Since then I've been going back as time permits, reading through the archives. Great stuff! Thanks, Bill!

"(the house being watched by a contingent of Delta Force Operators so don't get any funny ideas)"

My SF friends would tell you that Ernestine was an operator; they are soldiers. :)

Keep up the good work!

Even SoCom has E2's detailed to answer the phone. And they're PLENTY tough to watch Bill's house :)

(Why do you think he's gone to FLORIDA after all?)

Yay, Bill! I too discovered you first from TRIBES which I linked to and shared in a number of places. I'm so thrilled to see you're back! Funny thing is, I blogged regularly for a little over a year, but it has been about a year since I did any writing myself - for much the same reasons you posted. In addition, I've simply allowed myself to become too disgusted with things that I've read in the general media - and even began to believe that as bloggers we aren't making much of a difference. But perhaps your return to the blogosphere on a more regular basis will give me the inspiration I need to get back to writing. My hubby often tells me when I go off on a little tirade that I need to get back to it. Funny enough, it appears that my little blog still has around 1/20 of your daily traffic per week - so I reckon if I started writing again . . . in a year I might make it to 1/10? LOL!

Hey Bill,

I recently came across Triple E. I am very glad I did. Count me in!

Thanks man

Uncle Bill

Great too see you your back and going active on this site...
I've been gliding by for a while, good to see the lights are on...
Ready on guns here....

bill, when i read "seeing the unseen part2" for the first time i got a chill up my spine and i could honestly feel endomorphins flowing to my brain! a sense of pure pleasure akin to my first "time" ---get the media to take you seriously--i see a bright future for you, and by osmosis, the rest of us!

I'm a relative newcomer to the site, followed a link here just a few months ago. Nevertheless, as many others have said, I found something here that made a lot of sense, and helped me organize and clarify my own thoughts on various topics. Thank you for that! Very much looking forward to 2nd edition of Silent America (and pre-ordering it), and especially looking forward to Seeing the Unseen, Part III, and You Are Not Alone.

Thanks again,

Somebody's listening, anyway.


I remember the rare joy I recieved earlier this month with your latest offering. Michael Totten and I spent the day in Kirkuk and were in the much nicer and infinitely safer city of Erbil, Iraq. Reading your article helped me know I was ALL the way out of crazytown.

Looking forward to a lot more soon.

Hi, Mr. Whittle!

Glad to have you back! I've been checking your site agaian and again...

One question, though - is "America at Thermopylae" still on the schedule?


Great job as always, Bill. One of the 1500 every day, well worth the reads and re-reading!

OK that's weird.
I clicked on my name up there and...WTF?
Can someone translate that mess for me?

oh well i'm used to trouble following me.

That's great news, Bill!
Thanks for responding to my email too, even while being hit by a tidal wave of them. ;)

Will stay tuned ...


Aw, Bill, if Id known you were going to be in Gainesville this weekend, I would have been honored to buy you a drink.

"One of the loyal 1500". Does anyone else picture the 300 Spartans lined up against the Persian army, or is it just me? Either way, count me in for the intellectual skewerings to come. I've been checking in regularly since STRENGTH and its always worth the wait for something new from E3. When the media waves of despair and pessimism threaten to blot out the sun, well be here to fight in the shade with you.

While were at it, lets hope some of our more polite contrarian visitors come back around, too. Things could get boring when its all backslapping and high-fiving.

I'm one of the 1500. I kept thinking I'd delete the shortcut since nothing was happening and then I'd click on it anyway. I'm looking forward to the new edition of the book. I'll be sure to pick it up.

welcome back proteus.


I got hooked on your essays long ago, and have an ongoing habit of losing track of your site for long periods. It's now a bookmark that I visit every few weeks, regardless of whether there's anything new. The older essays I still have to catch up on and you are an inspiration in a world with hope for sanity dwindling so rapidly.

Thank you!!!!!

Yipee! Glad to see you back to writing. Missed the steady stream of writings you once "unleashed", but figured RL or writer's block had something to do with it. Welcome back. Now if we could only convince Steven den Beste to start USS Clueless back up instead of dwelling on anime. We need both of your voices more than ever.

reverend - worthy to be revered

I have posted at my own blog, which I may reveal at some time in the near future, that the Rev. B Whittle has a new post up. Of course, I then link to this site and send people over here. Bill, you are at least a seemingly humble man. Well, I say that we need to tag the moniker on you. Let this roll around for a while:

Rev. Bill

I envision this more on the level of Shepherd Book. If you have to ask, nevermind.

So, what say ya'll?

The Hobo

ps. And, BTW, I was one of the 1500. I guess I would check back every few days to just see....

I am so glad that you are back.

Thanks for this.

If Al had known this was coming, he'd never have invented the tubes of internets.

Whoa. This is like winning big bucks in the lottery. I greedily read the essay earlier this month, but would have never hoped for a return to normal operations.

Welcome back, Bill!

Oh wow. Nice to see the comments are back up (and that the weird blacklist is gone). I've never commented before, because of said weird blacklist, but I look forward to joining the fray. And if you want my input on YOU ARE NOT ALONE, well then by all means, hook me up to the Krell Mind Machine.

One of the occasional 1500+ hits per day came from my blog, but "blog" is a poor word for it anymore, as I normally just use it for a link portal. I haven't written in a while. Part of this was due to real-life issues, but it was mostly due to the fact that I don't do the whole lone-voice-crying-out-in-the-wilderness schtick. I know, I know, call me a bandwagonner if you will, but maybe, just maybe, when you start yanking on the rope that is the tug-of-war over our future, I'll jump in as well.

Sir: EXCELLENT News. We need you.

And you can count me in for the 2nd Edition--even though I've read the first edition twice now. (and that doesn't even count the online readings...).

Put on the war paint, lock and load, let's rock and roll.


Great to see you back behind the stick! Also, glad to see so many of the folks whose names I remember! Can't wait for the new edition to come out.

(From that SW corner of Indiana no one's given away yet)

How about a BBS?
Yes, I'm sure it's a burden, but it would be an awesome discussion forum.

gee...I wish I could write like that...
But if I can't write it myself, it's good to have something I can point at and say "Yeah, what HE said!"

Hi Bill,

Good to have you back! I am curious what your social experiment might be. Some words on who I am: Swiss by origin, Israeli by choice. There may be more "sane" voices where I live. I was impressed by the great way you have of expressing your thoughts (which I mostly share), however, I only understand from the comments here that there is a perceived lack of such voices in the US. This is a rather bitter thought since I count on you guys to help us not being the object of genocide once more.

Keep up the good work!

Hey Bill, honorable mention:

Thanks to a coworker, I've been enjoying Whittle's humorous essays about critical thinking at www.ejectejecteject.com. He uses logic like a scalpel to perform stupid-ectomies on conspiracy theories about 9/11, the Kennedy assassination and other paranoia.

Vote for war, then cut off funding?

"It's especially ironic to me as the son of a hotel manager. I grew up around hospitality. I know better than that." -Bill

"Rev. Bill" -Robohobo

Might i sug-jest Lord of Hosts :^)

(Give me a Truth Loving Athiest anytime)

I'm one of those 1500/day...

Still gathering tools and materials to start my Cozy. Are you going to Oshkosh this year?

Whittle is back? Live? Tell me it ain't so!

Rove, you magnificent, magnificent bastard...

GREAT to see you getting back up to speed. I imagined you were off living an actual life somewhere and did not begrudge you that. All the same, I look forward to the new material. Even finally got high-speed access at home so those essays will download in a timely manner.

My first visit was shortly after SEEING THE UNSEEN, Part 2 was posted. Since then I've been one of the 1500 as I've methodically digested the previous offerings.

Oddly, finding this site was much like visiting an old forgotten homesite. It's familiar and comforting yet fresh and exciting as seen though older and wiser eyes.

I'm looking forward to further visits.

long time reader
first time poster.

this semester (my last for my undergrad), has been particularly boring for me. i stumbled upon this site back in January and somehow managed to read pretty much every one of the essays in class.

talk about a solid education

Bill, it's great to have you back. And I'm looking forward to owning Silent America, version 2.0. It'll look great next to the first one.

A quick aside about this particular comment: Rachel, some of us miss you, too. It's good to see some evidence that you're still out there somewhere.

Bill's flag - What it meant to us.

I started reading E3 sometime in 2004 and was struck (as all of you) by his ability to clearly define so many things in life. I know I drank a lot of coffee getting through all the essays because once I started, I couldn't stop. Bill's writings also touched many friends of mine when I introduced them to E3.

My crew went off to the deserts of the Middle East in late 2004 with a clear mission - Provide electronic protection to our war-fighters and the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. Every day and night we were (and still are) over those countrys to provide that protection. During some down time, I loaned my copy of Silent America to my crew to read. One night, the book was returned to me by a sobbing member of the crew who had finished the book but just re-read the letter by the Civil War soldier. She and her roommates were truly touched by that letter and Bill's writing.

I took Bill's flag up with us on the night/morning of January 29-30, 2005. That was the date of the first Iraqi true democratic election. We hung the flag from the structural crossmembers in the mission compartment from takeoff to landing. I thought it fitting that a patriot of Bill's caliber be honored in that way. The crew prepared and signed a certificate to go along with the flag that read (if I can remember correctly)"This is to certify the accompanying American Flag was flown over Iraq during an EC-130H combat mission on the 30th day of January, 2005 by members of the 43rd Expeditionary Electronic Combat Squadron, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base while deployed in support of the Global War On Terror during OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM and is presented to Mr. William Whittle in recognition of his unwaivering support to our nation and its military forces."

'Nuff said except thank you Bill Whittle.

Carry on!


I'm a long-time reader who hasn't commented (or, due to my CRS, can't remember if I did). Anyhow, a wordsmith and philosopher of your talent surely needs time to reflect, to gather new evidence and observe life, to formulate ideas and to put them down on paper (or electrons, whatever). Oh, yeah, and you also get to live your life.

So please don't apologize to us about taking some time off. I never cease to be amazed at how much time many of the bloggers I regularly read must spend reading and listening to the news, and then organizing their thoughts to let us all know what they are, etc. I'd love to do a blog - do it well, that is - but who has the time? Only, I have concluded, those who really care about their readers and (at least for the types of blogs I read) for their nation, their civilization and the morality underpinning them. You are certainly in that catagory.

Anyhow, I'm very glad to see you back in action on your keyboard. Your prior essays are almost entirely works of philosophical and moral artwork, and I'm very much looking forward to Seeing the Unseen, Part 3 and You Are Not Alone (particularly the former, since I've got an idiot cousin who just insulted my father and a bunch of my folks' friends by emailing an ultra-nasty and fantasy-filled screed about "Global Warming"). It'll be a pleasure to email him that essay, to see how riled up he gets (yeah, I admit it, I like to torture liberals with actual facts and rational thinking, especially if part of my argument relies on immutable values).

Thanks for all that you do - and I can't wait to order Silent America.

Another drive by reader happy to see you back. Your essays have often provided just the right language to someone who is naturally accustomed to pissing off folks with the facts. Hopefully you will address the bogus "carbon neutral" argument in the global warming issue.

Let's DO this!

Yay! Glad to see you'll be posting more. Maybe I'll have to stop by here more than every other month (and usually end up disappointed).

I consider the imminent revitalization of this website the single greatest victory for humanity in my lifetime.

"Third, I have been a busy bee and have finally -- after a mere three years of procrastination -- completely re-worked a Second Edition of SILENT AMERICA."

Oh, great. I guess this is what I get for waiting to buy the First Edition, which I purchased about six weeks ago.

Now I'll have to buy it twice. I've learned my lesson, though. I won't wait as long, this time.

Keep those essays coming, please, Bill. It IS a nice feeling, knowing I'm not the only one who THINKS this way!

I've been reading you since Rachel Lucas first promoted one of your comments to her front page. I'm not one of the 1500, although I do stop by from time to time.

Glad to see you're back, and I'm looking forward to the next edition of Silent America.

A dinner party with Bill W and friends? And I'm invited? I feel like Cinderella!

These little rumaki rolls are simply delicious, btw.

glad to know that I'm not the only one who checks your website almost daily with a sense of expectation! keep up the good work :)

As a former liberal ... I had an epiphany on or about and after 9/11. Eject indeed.

Bill, your site and your writing is an island of sanity. I am not alone.


I think I'll join your dinner party just to soak up some of the conversation. Welcome back, Bill -- your spark has been missed.

In a world where so many don't know/have forgotten/ignore the difference between knowledge and wisdom, I am gratified to see that one of the best illustrators of that difference is now coming back to make the illustration ever more clear.

And with so many falling for the faulty "intelligence" of the MSM, your return may be in the nick of time, Bill.

Yup, just doing another one of those drive-by's this morning, and see? I was rewarded!

Not that I want you to get a big head or anything, Bill, but there's a reason you remain in my short link-list even though you're a two-or-three time-a-year poster. You put pretty eloquently what I already believe but often have a hard time finding just the right words for in my own voice.

I sent your book to my step son when he was in Iraq as additional inspiration as to what America was and what he was fighting for.

You do give me hope that America is still rumbling beneath the surface of the nanny culture europhiles that seem to command most of the dialogue ... well, monologue -- in this country over the last 30 or so years.

May we return to the surface soon, and in greater numbers.


Just saying hi and that I'm on the team. Now let's get to work and get things back on track.

Bill, your voice has been sorely missed through the last election cycle. I and a lot of my fellow travellers have been continuously more demoralized.

I'm honored to be considered a dinner guest. Yes, I read the articles here and felt like I was alone. I almost hate the next question, but, how do we get together so we can make an impact ? The regular political parties have completely failed us. Yet, most any other way leads to the decline and fall of this Republic. We're heading down now, but we're not out yet; and we can turn this around. I want to make an impact ! I want to DO something, but, just damn, I don't know what. I guess I'm just stuck on stupid. Oh well.

Best wishes, Bill, I made my kids read what you wrote; I can only hope some of it soaks in, even just a bit.


Thanks for responding to my email so quickly! I have always enjoyed everything you have written, and you help keep me sane. Just last weekend, I had to try to explain to my mother how the Christian Right and Islamic Jihadists were NOT THE SAME THING. I got nowhere with her (facts an logic often don't change an emotional opinion), but with you and your site, at least I know that there are other people out there who are not crazy!

This place is a gold mine of wit and wisdom to be explored. Thanks, Bill, for revealing a bit of sanity in a crazy world. I'm on board.

"Tribes" should be mandatory reading for every sentient being.

"... one of the 1500 ..." will go down in Blogosphere history.

HI Bill, I've never posted before, but it sounds like its time to step up. I come ever day to check for new stuff and will NEVER stop coming because when your writing does show up it takes the breath away. The clarity of your writing and your ability to articulate things I deeply believe keep me going against any despair. Thanks, and welcome back!

Hi Bill,

I remember receiving an email from a close friend one day, "You have GOT to check out www.ejectejecteject.com..."

I did. The first essay to greet my eyes was "Courage." I am also one of those quiet rarely-commenting fly-by readers who stop by regularly to re-read previous gems and hope for new ones.

I can't tell you how many times I've considered dropping you a line to ask whether you're still out there; I'm not sure what kept me from doing so. I suppose I empathized with what "busier than hell" means.

You've been missed. I can't wait to read your upcoming posts.

Now get back in there, put on your PJ's, and WRITE, dang it! :D

All the best,

Glad to see you back, I got very lucky and discovered you years ago, from the AntiIdiotarin Rottweiller and have bought a couple copies of Silent America, for myself and others, now I'll have to get it in hardback. Your clear thinking and amazing ability to express those thoughts is much appreciated and often shared. Thank you again!

I remember reading Seeing The Unseen Part II when Glen Reynolds linked to it over at Instapundit. I was blown away, but saw that your posting was either sporadic, or rare, I'm not sure which. Either way, I went way back in the archives and read all I could take, and loved it all! I am looking to forward to more good stuff. I love your writing, really thought provoking stuff... Looking forward to more of it.


Whew! I'm finally able to breathe again.

Bill, you may not realize it now, but I believe you will go down in history along with the likes of Samuel Clemens. You have a way of inpiring me and so many others while simultaneously bursting the the bubble of our national cluelessness with your the cold, pointed needle of logic.

Thank you and welcome back!

Welcome Back, Bill. We've missed you.

I first read you back when Seeing the Unseen 1 came out (I'd only been reading blogs for a few months at the time), and for some reason didn't get around to reading the archives. Well, after part two came out I remedied that in about two weeks (all my homework got put off for that time, thankfully it was well before finals). I've since got a couple friends turned on to your writing. Anyhow, I'm a big fan of your writing, was almost moved to tears by Courage, it really hit home. The encouragement that it and all the other essays provided has been invaluable. It's great to hear a like voice, and, as an Aero Engineering student, I love hearing the stories of flying, regardless of the deeper meaning they convey.

It's great to hear you'll be posting more, I will be stopping by much more often.

I'm glad you're back. I've printed our your essays in a lot of places (sometimes in 4pt type on both sides of extremely limited paper). I look forward to doing it again.


You're back! You're back! (runs around room, waving hands in the air) WhooHoo!!!

I found your site late last year through a link on another blog (Lileks?) and I have been checking in ever since.

I gotta tell you, Bill, I read a lot of blogs but I haven't found any that articulate what has been going on in my mind better than yours.

You have just been moved to the top of my daily check-in list.

Ya know...most folks wish THEY could win the lottery. I wish YOU would win the lottery...that way you would not be "busier than hell" all the time and could write more often.

Is that selfish?


I am delighted you are back, and I've referred your site once again to my dad, the 83 year old Marine...

Your writing has been missed..

God bless and God speed.


Damn Bill...

Been awhile. Good to see you back...

Next time bring some beer and a hex wrench so we can get this old bird back in the air.

May have to kick a critter out of the intakes, dust out the controls, put a little grease here and there, but other then that she's good to go.

Good to see ya back buddy.

Check 6 and light the fires...


Damn, a comments section feels good!

- MuscleDaddy

Welcome Back! I'll be taking a copy of Silent America in hard cover.


Ahoy, all. Just another quiet traveller excited to see the place lit up again.

All the best with the new projects, Mr. Whittle. I can't wait to see and help them bear fruit.

With regard to that sometime in mid-December shot, it wasn't meant to be funny, but in retrospect I can see that it was.

As I said, however long it takes your essays are worth the wait.

I'm glad to see that you're inspired again. But would you be disappointed to learn that I'm just as stoked to find out that Rachel Lucas will be writing again?

We have "nozzle swing"!

Delighted to see you're back, Bill, and I look forward to reading...no, to savoring...every word of every post.

You can count me as one of the many who have found your writings to be a comforting affirmation that we are not alone. I'd like to be able to say that your essays represent a pretty accurate expression of my own thoughts...but in all honesty, I really can't. This is not because I don't agree with or understand the truth in what you write; it is because I only wish my own thoughts were that well organized, and possessed such clarity. What I can say with total honesty, is that your essays represent an accurate expression of what I feel, and thus, reading them helps me to better understand my own views on the world in which I live, as I never have before.

For that, I am immeasurably in your debt. Please accept my most sincere thanks, Bill.

Steve G.

Mr. Whittle,

Three years ago I started law school in New Jersey. Being the midwest common sense person that my parents raised, I was unprepared for this world. Not the law school, the people in it. I found myself actually getting in arguments over whether communism was just not praticed correctly. I have had to deal with "truthers" spouting there drivel and psychosis while people who had family die that horrible day had to sit and listen. Frankly, I wasnt going to make it. I was going to pack up and transfer back to the midwest. Then as I was checking out Wicked Thoughts blog, I ran across your site. It was a panacea for all the mental anguish I was having to endure. I was literally losing my hair. Your work reached out to me like the Pharos of Alexandria to a troubled ship. And you brought me home. If it had not been for this site, I probably would have let them win and I would have left. Instead, I took up the gauntlet and fought, not with bullets, but with ideas. I challenged them in ways they never saw coming, and quite a bit of the ammunition was supplied by you. I guess all of this is just a way of saying thank you. You really have had a palpable affect on my life. Thanks to you, I no longer feel like a voice in the wilderness, there are others, and the fight for our civilization is not lost.


Matt Soliday

Almost forgot, you may like to hear that a few friends of mine that I've converted and a few others who had already seen the light, have had Bill Whittle Parties. We sit around drinking wine or beer and we take turns actually reading your essays out loud to each other and then discussing them. Hell of a way to spend an evening


I am so deeply glad to see you back at the helm, Bill! I keep thinking I need to find a way to reclaim some scraps of time from my deeply satisfying, Civilization-advancing, but hopelessly time-sucking engineering job, so that I might finally hope to synthesize and publish on my blog more of the ideas that have been rattling around in my own, cobweb-riddled virtual attic. And it will remain my goal to do so, since I feel that may be the most effective way for me to contribute something, anything to helping pull us out of this dreary gloom, this needless crisis of confidence. But I know I'd be foolish to hope to even approach your level of eloquence on such matters, or your sheer eptitude in connecting ideas and motivating conclusions. You, sir, are a national treasure indeed, and for you and your efforts I am deeply, humbly, and eternally grateful.


What they all said, above. I'm waiting with bated breath for "You Are Not Alone" and "Seeing the Unseen, Pt. 3."

To everyone else here, glad to be amongst such fine folks. A group of friends/co-workers and I, being LA locals, and discovering we shared a common addiction to Bill's essays, invited him to our office for an evening of chat and Scotch (we're a group of single malt nuts). Folks, our host is not only JUST as bright and articulate in person as he is in "print," he is (as I'm sure you would all expect) one HELL of a great guy to spend and evening with, engaged in neighborly chat and consumption of fine single malt. I look forward to more of both - and more of Bill's EXCELLENT essays!

Finally. Welcome back. Now get up there and speak!

Good morning, Bill. Well, I am just sitting, rubbing my hands in anticipation of what's about to come.

So, I came across this comic yesterday and immediately thought of this essay.

I can't image how long the squawk list would really be for humans.


I thought that I'd gotten a virus or something. I'm one of the regular "hitters" on the website over the last several....and boy is it good to see you active again. And Ms. Lucas too (even if it is just a comment right now)!

Tell me where to pick up my Eject issued duds and what line to stand in.

We're all ready.....

Hello Mr. Whittle,

While I had dropped in from time to time over the last 18 months or so, a link to Seeing the Unseen now has me hooked. This is my first hit since saving (printing and distributing) this piece of art on my hard drive.

I look forward to more stellar work in the future. Thanks for your fine work.

I haven't written because I didn't want to obligate anyone... truly, I take what is offered, and I know the efforts it takes to stand in the drift. Oh, but it's nice to realize I'm not alone in my beliefs. I've lost faith in the political system, and the world has gone crazy. This blog proves.... There is still Hope!


Welcome back and not a moment
too soon. The great battle for the soul of this nation looms near. The silent majority needs to arm themselves a strong faith,knowledge and true wisdom. Then it's time to step into the light and begin the process of surgically removing the cancers of the P.C cultural marxist/socialists and their anti-American spiritually debased left-wing ilk. Once healed, we can then and only then take down the evil from abroad that wishes our elimination from the earth. The time grows short, your voice is needed now more than ever.


Great Essay. The Baseball Steroid Scandle is a great example of the "Screw the Other Guy" decision. If Baseball had an enforceable steorid regime, players would not have been forced into the rational decisions to take steroids. I blame the Players Union and The Commissioner.

Mr. Whittle, I found your blog through a link at Little Green Footballs. I have been so impressed with your writing. You express so clearly what just rattles around in my head without form or organization. Thank you for being a voice of integrity, sanity, and reason. You are a necessary antidote to the confusion and idiocy that reign supreme in todays media.

Mr. Whittle,

I too went through the odyssey of reading Josiah Thompson, Lipton, and eventually settled on Gerald Posner's "Case Closed." One of the most commonly heard "arguments" is "it simply could not have happened, xxx" (xxx being some factoid). Often, the simplest response is just to note that "it" did happen. In other words, factoid xxx doesn't have the implication the fuzzy-headed conspiracy theorist thought, either because it is simply wrong, or of incomplete relevance.

Thanks for contributing such crystal clear writing, ESPECIALLY regarding the "demolition" theory!