May 19, 2007


Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my great pleasure and privilege to re-introduce the person who introduced me:


I calculate that 85% of you have no idea who I am and the rest thought I’d been in Pakistan doing bad things to Bin Laden for the last 2 ½ years (a rumor I wouldn’t mind starting, actually). So to introduce myself to the majority: I blogged heavily about five years ago, mostly political rants and pictures of my dogs, and one day Bill Whittle left a comment on my site about gun control that blew my mind. I posted it on the main page, it blew everyone else’s minds too, and Bill decided to start his own blog. Hence our friendship.

For mysterious reasons understood by none, especially me, people liked my blog, but I nonetheless suddenly quit publishing it a few years ago. Which was probably the most boneheaded thing I ever did, because soon after, blog ads became shockingly lucrative. Could I have missed a bigger boat? It’s a perfect example of how I look smarter than I really am; I walked away from a blog that was averaging about 5,000 hits a day (for a brief shining few weeks, upwards of 20,000), which at the time, was pretty damn sweet traffic, long before “gossip” blogs started making jackasses like Perez Hilton rich and famous.

I had reasons for walking away, besides being stone-cold stupid. Some had to do with my personal life: a husband who didn’t like my name all over the Internet because of potential nutburger stalkers (which caused me to rename my blog BLUE-EYED INFIDEL, a branding move on par with renaming Coca-Cola “Happy Fun Drink”); some had to do with my own sanity (had only one computer, which I worked on all day and which therefore made me want to cut myself if I stared at it any longer than necessary); and the rest purely derived from the aforementioned boneheadedness. I’d lost sight of why I was blogging in the first place and had played right into the sweaty little hands of a few trolls and hate-mailers.

But things have changed. For one, I no longer have the husband. I know, I know. It’s some sort of Shame Record for short marriages (two years) but hey, my ex is now one of my best friends and that’s something to be proud of. For another thing, I have a laptop, which makes me want to blog my ass off from anywhere in the house or yard. And last but not least, I’m older and smarter. I turned 35 last month and something about reaching that age makes me feel totally ballsy. I’m ready to berate asshats once more, baby!

And I’ve started paying attention to the news again, which is like watching a bunch of circus clowns throwing poop at each other. The headline on Drudge as I write this is about John McCain using “a curse word associated with chickens” while arguing with John Cornyn over immigration. Seriously? Did he call him a Chicken-F---er? Someone throw me a bone; I’m in the dark here. Hillary is going to run for president – oh god, yes, please. This election should be almost as hilarious as the last one. Al Gore has amped up his fearmongering and even though I do think we’re doing all sorts of naughty things to Earth, god, do I still hate that guy. And my favorite morbidly obese nutjob in the whole world, one Mr. Michael Moore, is back with a new “documentary”. It’s like manna from heaven, there for me to munch away on.

So, is back up. Bill made my banner and has given me the best encouragement a friend could ever give. I can’t thank him enough for that and for letting me announce my return here. Go buy his Second Edition, it's even more awesome!

And I also want to thank each of you who’s given me a wave in his comment section, or asked about me in emails or on your own blogs. I’ve missed you all a hell of a lot, and it’s great to be back.

Posted by Proteus at May 19, 2007 12:35 PM

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Man, is it good to hear that voice again. The Eyes of Texas are Upon You, Rachel! You Cannot Get Away!

It's so good to have you back, old friend.

Rachel! Both you and Bill are coming back? Should we be looking for the other horsemen?

Can't wait for the rants to return. Welcome back girl!

Damn, Rachel, it's about time.

I don't think you realize how much your voice has been missed. Welcome back, and give 'em hell.

Hello Rachel

Pleased to meet you,..

I have to get back to my chaos,

Talk to ya, later.

It seemed like much longer than just a couple of years, Rache. Damn good to have the Blue-eyed Infidel back on the warpath...

The only chicken related curse I can think of is Chicken Sh!t.

Welcome back, Rachel, we missed you. Heck, we came That >||

Welcome back Rachel..

I still remember my absolute agreement with your comments about the LOTR series..

Tis a shame about the husband thing.. a good one is worth keeping.

Welcome back to blogging, Ms. Lucas. :)

I look forward to seeing what everyone else seems to know intrinsically. :)

The only thing I can think of is "chickenhawk", which I didn't even know was a curse as opposed to a mere epithet.


Now to get back to *my* chaos breaking my butt hauling pickets.

I never got the chance to read the rants that had everyone going on about Rachel, as I only came in on this scene just about the end of the term of the Blue-Eyed Infidel page, so I look forward to it. I already have one quote to work on:

Hillary is going to run for president ? oh god, yes, please. This election should be almost as hilarious as the last one.

I should think it would be even more Hillary-ous this time.

Note to self: either the strike tag doesn't work here or I don't remember how to do it right.

Welcome back, Rachel :-)

I didn't have the pleasure of reading you before - was interesting to read that you got Bill into blogging. Like many here, I started to read Bill, kept him in my rss feeds through many dark days and nights, and am delighted to see his return - I'm a fellow-pilot, but mostly fly airplanes without engines (though toying with the idea of motorgliders).

Bill kinda reminds me of Richard Bach, but maybe more down to earth (like the new graphics, Bill, but liked the "dang" in the old one - it seemed to sum up our predicament)

With insanity in the world apparently increasing day-by-day, we certainly need places where we can remind ourselves that we are not insane - thanks Bill and Rachel!

*Ducks flying rotten vegetation thrown because of horrible attempt at humor*

Nope, you're right LabRat. I even went and double-checked the html tag to use. It didn't work for me, either.

Oh, just noticed the return of the dang - Dang!

Welcome back, Rachel! Drop us a line if you have the time or inclination.

WOO HOO! The Duchess is back!

And don't be so modest about how you got Bill started. You didn't just put a comment on the main page. You edited together several comments into a full blown essay, and then posted it. Seemed like no big cheese at the time, I know, but in hindsight it was a master stroke.

As far as the horsemen, HScott: Bill and Rachel are back; can Steven Den Beste be far behind? **gallUP gallUP gallUP...** :D

Darling Rachel is back? There is hope for the Republic yet!



I. Am. Grinning.

At least one hit a day on your site during your hiatus was due to me. Checking. You know. Just in case.

It's great to have you back, Rachel.

Welcome back Rachel you have been missed by many.

God save the queen! :)

Welcome back, let the venting of the spleen begin.

Another daily clicker here, all through the "dark ages". Greatly encouraged to see you saddling up again. Welcome Back!

Great to see you back, Rachel! Sorry to hear about John, never know. Sometimes a brief Starter Marriage is exactly what you need, to get the next one right.

Baby Fist of Fury?
Doesn't quite have the ring of Floating Baby Head.
Seriously, Rachel, it's great to have you back. I hope you have your archives tucked away someplace safe and can give us a periodic "Best of" for the poor folks who missed out the first time.


Male Chicken = Rooster = Cock

My vote says he called his opponent a cocksucker. Just a guess. Washington politics at its finest!

Wow! This made my day.

Welcome back, Rachel.

I like the two-fer. Extra time for me to waste getting smart reading your blogs, guys. Now I have a hankering to go update myself.

Welcome back, from just one of the countless blogs you directly inspired.

Please accept my sincere thanks for all that your blog was then, and even the moreso for your return now.

The trite thing would be to say that the timing of your return is splendid, and not a moment too soon. Truth is though, the time is always right for your voice to be heard.


Welcome back. Hopefully, evermore.

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Joining the chorus here, Rachel, seeing as it is Sunday morning in my corner of the world.
Welcome Home!

Uh, yeah, chicken... what would be the word that ole McCain of McCain-Feingold and McCain-Kennedy would use as an epithet? Lemme' think, lemme' think... nope, drawin' a complete blank, can't even guess.

I don't suppose you're the recipient of the flattery by emulation of redheadedinfidel over at ER? Hmmm....

In any case, I think it's wonderful how many people are thrilled to have you back, and so I look forward to becoming a fan as well.

Pacificos for everyone -- and Guinnesses.

BTW, Sen. Cornyn got an atta' boy from me yesterday.

Bill and Rachel back in business; my days just got a little brighter!

wow! the original gun control discussion on Rachel's blog where Bill began putting together "Freedom"

We've never met but I have met Bill. If you are responsible for his blogging then you are A-OK by me.

I look forward to your take on everything.
Best wishes,

Welcome back.

I believe the term you're looking for is "chickenshit."

I actually found your blog through Bill's. Somehow through all that found "Armed Citizen" Kim. I went to a gathering some years ago at Kim's, (one can almost hit his house with a rock from mine, if one were rude enough to be throwing rocks...) hoping to meet you, among others. I think I met your sister there, though.

And was very bummed when you quit ranting, and can hardly wait to see what you will do with such a target rich environment.

BTW, you missed an amazing feed at Kim's. That Mrs. du Toit is one stellar cook!

I actually discovered Rachel's blog through Bill's sidelinks a few years ago. If Bill was the cool professor who got you interested in the subject he was teaching because he was so articulate, personable, and just so optimistic and inspiring, then Rachel was the girl in the leather jacket smoking cigarettes in the back of class. You just wanted to hang out with her because she was so damn cool and uninhibited. Welcome back, Rachel. Looking forward to the rants.

wow! the original gun control discussion on Rachel's blog where Bill began putting together "Freedom"

Ack! I certainly liked Bill's essay, every time I read it, and the little extras that were there as replies to other people's comments were a refreshing addition, but then going through the comments and seeing the ones from that arrogant, condescending a--hole "Angel Shamaya" nearly ruined it.

WayneB, I confess I only read Bill and Rachel's writings.

Perhaps "discussion" was the wrong word though, considering the "contributions" of some of the other posters, as you pointed out. :D

John, no worries. I get over things like that quickly.

Rachel, it is so good to see you back online again. Change is good, or so I'm told. This change, with you back to posting, is very, very good.

Welcome back, Rachel!

An aside: If you find comment entries are slow, here's why.

Welcome back, Rachel. You've been missed.

Hey, Bill, How 'bout posting "the comment that started it all" for those of us who weren't fortunate enough to follow your career from the beginning?

Great! Two of the reasons I started reading blogs are back in the business.

Welcome back!

Gun control comments make me proud to be an American. Thanks for encouraging Bill, Rachel and it's a pleasure to make your digital acquaintance.

And is it possible Mc Cain used the expression "Chicken S#$%, C$%#sucker?" In describing how our elected government is handling our borders? Who'd-a-thunk?

I think this wisdom from John Adams is appropriate here as well. It suits the times like it was written last week.

"If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."
-- Samuel Adams
Whatever could this mean today?

I'm so glad you're back Rachel. My husband and I have missed your 'piquant rants'. And I remember when you told off the idiot for not knowing the difference between 'ordinance' and 'ordnance'.

Thanks, Bill, for your part in all of this, too!

*happy dance ensues*

In the spirit of Ejectia -

I'm writing an essay on a modest proposal for imigration reform. I need a lawyer to bounce an idea off of. Is there one out there that can give me a few minutes? Bill will vouch for me.

Email me at rtriley at

Hi -

The world, despite all the problems, is slowly going right again (pun intended):

Bill is back...

Rachel (RACHEL!!!!) is back...

And the socialists are out of power in France...

Man, things are really looking up... :-)

Great to see y'all back!


Welcome back Miss Rachel.
Glad to see you as you were sorely missed.

'bout friggin' time! How often I have pined for Rachel's rants on the UTTER stupidity that has plagued us for the past several years. Bill, Jimbo, and Denny keep the laughs coming...but NO ONE can fisk babs, mikey, al, hitlery, etc like Rachel. No one!

Dear lady,

I do not know you except by reputation. Nevertheless, a gentleman from Santa Fe sends his greetings across the vast expanse of the Internet to a near neighbor. Proximity is reduced to the length of a keyboard.

I am very much looking forward to your rapier-sharp commentary. My own posts tend to be from the buckler and falchion school of combat. Look your enemy in the eye as you spill his guts in the sand. It's a rhetorical exercise, of course, and I don't mean to suggest that I would actually gut an opponent just to get a mouthful of warm liver (but I have thought about it). Needs onions.

I merely introduce myself as a swordsman of sorts. Lay on, lass. Do the job well enough and there's no telling what sort of support you'll find guarding your backside when you need it.

Rhetoric is interesting, but action in the pinch is definative.

We need Rachel back as much as we need Fred Thompson to run for POTUS.

Run Fred Run.

Lady Heather, I second that.

As I said over on Kim's site, even my wife (who's hero was Jimmeh Cahduh) says she would vote for him if he runs. With cross-the-aisle support like that, he'd be a shoe-in.

That rates a...
Dang, dude.
Well done!

Oh please Mr Thompson sir, please, save us all, won't you? Please?

He's being very, very cool. Hanging back, watching the others wear themselves out, make all the big mistakes, say this and that... hanging back. Oh yeah.

Welcome back, Rachel. You know, I never took you off my blogroll. I had a feeling....

I was right! And boy, and I glad it turned out that way!


BOTH Rachel AND Bill are back !!!
I thought she was gutting grackles with Sunny all this time.

Let me add my name to the long list of people who are very glad to have you back. You were missed.

I was like Bill Quick in that I couldn't bring myself to drop you from my blogroll. And now I won't get depressed by clicking on the link anymore.

Days like this are what make a parent proud. Dad

Mr. Lucas, on behalf of millions of people your daughter has touched, allow me to say thank you and GOOD WORK SIR!

I would not be here without her, that is certain.

Funny how life works, huh?

Richard Riley,

I will suggest that you go over to and ask for Blackiswhite, Imperial Agent Provocateur - attorney and all-around sharp fellow (it's his blog).

Tell him I sent you by way of the Rott.

- MuscleDaddy


Glad to have you back. Missed your rantings quite a bit.

Now fix your site so we can comment there!



Thank you for coming back!

You're the only person I have ever had the good fortune to read that can use the terms "Chicken F--ker", "fearmongering", "morbidly obese nutjob", "manna from heaven" and "circus clowns throwing poop" all in the same paragraph it all makes perfect sense!

When we get Bill to run for President in '08, will you be his speech writer?

Yippee! You're back!!

Oh happy happy day - this is like way better than anything. You had the sweetest sass in the business, and now you're back!

You introduced me to the blog world after I stumbled on to your site during the Trent Lott "SCANDAL". I still drink my morning coffee from the mug, sent one to my cousin also. It brightens my day to see your smiling face.
I work at a fire station in Liberal Seattle and you were a voice of humor and reason for us. Thanks for returning, we missed you.

Sooo glad to see you back. You were one of my daily readings on the net way back when. If we could only get Steven DenBeste back blogging it would be like old times.

Bill or anyone else know what happened to Miss Rachel's Blog? I only discovered it yesterday and went to check in today for updates, and it is gone, having been replaced by some evil looking generic advertising banner. Inquiring minds want to know what happened.

Have fun ;)!

whois returns "status: locked" on

She needs to pay her domain bill.

whois returns "status: locked" on and the domain expired 5/31/07:

Creation date: 31 May 2002 21:30:06
Expiration date: 31 May 2007 21:30:06

She needs to pay her domain bill.

I emailed you about two months ago about Rachel, and bless your heart for getting her to start back up! Thank you thank you thank you!

I read Rachel's blog regularly before she went on hiatus. I've been away a while, too, now trying to catch up on the Really Good Stuff, so it was great to see that she's back.

Blog on, Rachel!

(I'll get signed in soon as I get a spare moment.)

About them "miracle bullets": Maybe it was a new team of IDF recruits, and they didn't want to wake the neighbors, so they just threw the bullets.

I'd like to know if that photo is still there - I didn't see it - things like that are classic, and do as much as we can to unmask the duplicity of the other side.