October 28, 2008


I am very happy to announce that The Powers That Be have decided to move ALL of my Afterburner editorials at www.pjtv.com into the free, unregistered section. Even better, I have been asked to ask you to vote on which ones you think are best.

You can find the complete list of them here.

There’s a thumbs up / thumbs down button next to each of the eight entries (and there will be three new ones per week for the foreseeable future). Now I know that, like me, you are constitutionally incapable of actually pressing the THUMBS DOWN button. But you can hit THUMBS UP for the ones you like the most, and you can vote for more than one. Any kind words you may choose to leave will go on my Permanent Record.

We’re still trying to figure out just where to put these editorials. Right now, the content at PJTV falls into three categories: FREE, REGISTRATION REQUIRED and SUBSCRIPTION. Free is free and painless: just select HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW or FLASH quality, and off you go. REGISTRATION simply requires an email address and a password, and I can assure you personally that those addresses are not sold or used for any kind of spam. And finally, there are SUBSCRIPTION options that allow you access to everything on the site.

Needless to say, the goal of Pajamas TV is to gain subscribers, and we’re trying to find the best way to do that. One of the things we’re doing with this contest is to make the Afterburner segments available for free for a week or two as they become available, and then perhaps retire them to the REGISTERED section where an email address and password would allow you to see all of them in “the vault.”

Pajamas TV is still in Beta, and we’re still trying to get a handle on where to put these things. If you have an opinion – a printable opinion – then feel free to add it when you vote thumbs up on one of the individual videos.

PJTV is determined to become an alternative news and opinion source. In addition to the editorials, I generally do two or three interviews per daily episode, and I can tell you I have a chance to ask the kind of in-depth questions you would never see elsewhere.

So if you have some time, please vote your favorite Afterburner by clicking on the (free!) list here.

You can also rate our Michelle Malkin interviews (I did the last four with her, and in addition to Deep Thoughts we have a lot of laughs.) Those are – for the moment at least – also free and unregistered, as are Hugh Hewitt’s news reports.

We want to be the place to go for conservative news and opinion. If you get some time, please go take a look and tell us what you think.

Posted by Proteus at October 28, 2008 9:26 PM

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That is great news, Bill. I have enjoyed all of your episodes so far, and have been pleasantly surprised at how personable you are screen for such an accomplished writer. I have no problem registering to see them, and have already done so. I don't have the bandwidth (or time) at the moment to justify a subscription; but I am intrigued enough that at some point I probably will. My greatest fear is that I can't afford another time-sink, and I can tell that the content will be too compelling to miss. With the fairness doctrine looming, I think you folks have a winner of a venture here. I'll miss your full length essays, but it sure is good to have you back and engaged. Good luck. ◄Dave►

On my way over to register and vote (for fav. Afterburner item(s)) right after I post this, Bill...

Then, over to E3 Gazzette, for some troll battles, in support of MD, Monster, D4, and all the other regs...

Best Wishes, and keep those cards and letters coming!!!

I politely disagree with your article. There is nothing to be frightened about. There is nothing un-American about anything Obama said in any of your article. Obama is talking about the truth - that we have the greatest disparity of wealth in our country in the world. Until someone takes the lead in our country to diminish that disparity , our country will continure to fall in a tailspin.

Call it redistribution of wealth, call it an end to corporate loopholes, call it an end to gross advantage for the wealthy over the poor.

Is Obama promoting socialized medicine? No, but that is unfortunate. Until we stop peddling medicine and health as supply and demand commodities we will never right our economic system.

Clearly, I support Mr. Obama's platforma nd policies, but I also don't think you've uncovered anything groundbreaking or overlooked by any of the media.

I believe you're just saying what you have to say is remarkable.
It's not, in my opinion. It's common sense on Obama's part, even in 2001. All the more reason to elect him.

Joseph Clancy

Time and time again human beings have tried these Gov paid solutions. Its just a way to try to get others to share your bill and in the process removes any incentive to be thrifty. The service is then overused and therefore, of course, the total cost to society rises out of control.

Gov should be in the business of encouraging healthy behavior, independence, and smart decisions.
The more capable people are at taking care of themselves the less they cost to society and the more they contribute instead.
If Gov would stop trying to grow itself and instead actually worked to point people in the right direction (instead of "helping" them) we would all be better off.

There is an aspect of redistribution of wealth that I agree with. For example the government has spent millions of dollars keeping a segment of the population on welfare instead of providing programs that would enhance independence. Education has to become more affordable instead of educational loans and governmental programs that have young people starting their lives in debt. Your article is just another attempt to stop the election of Barrack Obama. How adament were you when a certain segment of the population were prevented from exercising their constitutation rights to vote in an election. How adament were you when some of these people were killed just because they attempted to exercise their rights as an American. We are a nation that still harbours racial hatred and try in the most sophisticated way to prevent a person of color from being elected President of the United States. What you are doing is purely wicked and your intentions are being weighed in the balance.

Rowena, your statement tells me that I'm a better follower of Dr. King's dream than you are, because I see a corrupt lawyer/politician, surrounded by sleazy Socialist/Communist people who want to destroy the very freedoms that made this country great.

And all you see is a black man...

"For example the government has spent millions of dollars keeping a segment of the population on welfare instead of providing programs that would enhance independence."

Correct. Democrats insisted on keeping people on welfare rolls - even ENCOURAGING it, while Republicans were trying to insist on personal accountability, work requirements, etc.

"Education has to become more affordable instead of educational loans and governmental programs that have young people starting their lives in debt."

And where conservative education policies like vouchers and school competition have been tried, costs HAVE been lowered. Where liberals are firmly entrenched, you have the highest spending per pupil and the lowest acheiving students. And if post-secondary education is becoming more and more cost-prohibitive, why does college enrollment continue to set records year after year?

Rowena, there is a vast disconnect between what you claim to want, and what the candidate you support will actually do.

The latest Afterburner is apparently not open to non-subscribers:

The video you have selected requires you to be a subscriber to Pajamas TV.

Rowena, I don't see anything Bill has to say as racist. Do I disagree with him sometimes? Sure-- hell, I think I'm going to vote Obama! But I certainly respect him and what he has to say. This fundamental respect seems lacking from your post.

Also, shouldn't an Obama supporter be able to spell his name correctly?

Malkin videos are subscription now.

Joe, I'd call on you to back up a) "we have the greatest disparity of wealth in our country in the world." and b) "Until someone takes the lead in our country to diminish that disparity , our country will continure [sic] to fall in a tailspin."

You take it as axiomatic that wealth disparity is bad for the economy. Prove it.

Oo! Oo! Let me make a prediction of Joe's answer:

"Wealth disparity causes stress in the population. People feel bad about themselves when they see other people with more money than they have. It is NEVER the case that people see a rich person and think, 'Gosh, maybe if I worked as hard as them, I also could be rich.' Class is immutable in this evil, evil country.

"All of this stress will lead to unrest and marching in the streets, which eventually will tear the country apart. History shows that economies tank during civil wars. And you can't argue with history, you ignorant redneck racist neocon pig ReTHUGlicans. And you're mean and intolerant, too."

Never mind that the economic parity collectivists promises ONLY comes true when it's the shared poverty of the breadline. Never mind that rising tides lift all boats.

Man. It's easy to argue when you don't need facts, logic, or common sense.

I've really enjoyed the Afterburner segments I was able to watch free, and have REALLY loved being able to catch up. (Though like the first commenter, I was unable to access the October 28th edition.)

And, please do let us know where to send our donations to the Piranha Party Fund for the next election.


Watched the Malkin 10/29 interview - I enjoyed it very much. You know, you are really are quite endearing when you snort while laughing. I did hear it! Distinctly snorting!!

Just watched October 30'th. Good job. I've made a similar point about purple ink bringing a stop to vanloads of ACORN volunteers with lists of fake registrations mucking things up, but it turns out th real worry is a Democrat poll worker with a purse full of prepared ballots stuffing the box after the polls close.

You need to work something out for matching video formats though, when you're in HD and Scott is stretched... it looks bad.


House of Representatives:
This is the fast lane. This is the group of representatives that is closest to the people, where the fresh ideas, or current temperment, of the electorate enter into the political system. This body is to be responsive to the people. You have the opportunity to vote them out every 2 years if they fail to perform.

The Senate:
This is the slow lane. This is the body of representatives that is charged with putting the brakes on change. Their job is to ruminate, contemplate, debate and fully vet all changes before codifying them into law. Their term of office is 6 years to reflect the requirements of their job.

He stands between us and the world, as both our protector and our extended hand. He is charged with leading "the government" in the direction he outlined in his campaign, on the basis of which he was given his job.

So, a fresh idea bubbles up from the public-at-large into the fast lane (HOR), is vetted by the slow (Sen) and sent to the President who determines whether it reflects the will of the majority of voters who gave him his job...for 4 years (think that number was accidental? or a hint that his job is to stand between the fast and the slow...(hmmm) damn! that is right in the center...where...90% of Americans live...ain't that amazing?!?).

Over the past year I have heard/read/seen countless dozens of Democrats who can best be described as southern belles grasping for their smelling salts as Rhett Butler, that suave scamp, tipped his hat in their direction when passing by. And yet....

In the middle of all the adoration, "palpable excitement" and claims of change, these very "belles"* have asserted:

I don't for a minute think Obama will be able to do jack shit when it comes to advancing (his) agenda....and...I don't think that Obama will solve much, if anything.

Why? Perhaps it has a grain of truth.

At the core of that cynicism lies a leaky transmission.

Our founding fathers left for us the most glorious limousine ever built by man. Over 200 years it has carried us through thick and thin. Its only failure, a civil war - a war worth fighting. That's a pretty good record.

Today, it is in dire need of maintenance. Our founding fathers could not possibly imagine the exponential growth of our nation...nor the dawn of technology.

Our magnificent machine has been in the shop 27 times in 232 years. Again, not a bad record. Let us discuss maintenance #22 performed 61 years ago. The tranny was slipping. A notion came bubbling up from the electorate: we don't want a king, we want a president. Kings have too much power, presidents should not. The fast ranted, the slow balked. In the end, the representatives of the people acted. They said *that guy over there* has too much power, we shall limit it. And so they did. For 61 years it has worked perfectly.

It begs the question: why did they not apply the same measuring stick, and remedy, to themselves. hmmmm. (echo...it has worked perfectly).

Thank you for listening.

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