May 21, 2012


It's back.

From December of 2002 until December of 2008, I wrote a series of long format essays and assorted other bits and pieces, right here at Eject! Eject! Eject! When I moved to PJTV, they wanted me to move the blog with me, to the PJ Media page. PJ Media never once tried to limit or control what I wrote in any way, but the fact is, what with the banner ads and the general look being so different, it never really felt like home in the way the old place did.

She stayed boarded up from 2009 until now, the old girl did. But we are airing her out again. All of the old nooks and crannies and hiding places should still be there... the failed but noble ideas for Ejectia! culminating in the summer of 2007 remain as well. And, of course, the essays that started as stand-alone pieces that eventually ended up in SILENT AMERICA are also still there, on the right sidebar.

I did a little re-reading of the smaller items, and it's a diary not only of my life but also a kind of diary of America, at least as she was seen through my eyes. Anyway, it's all here, warts and all -- an open house from now on.

My new work will be appearing at Bill Whittle dot Net. But this will always be my first love. Thanks to all of you who gave me the chance to become the man I am today, and thanks especially for your ongoing support in these interesting times.

Posted by Proteus at May 21, 2012 4:04 PM

Welcome to the Eject! Eject! Eject! commenter community. Please read and understand the following:

1. This is not a public square. This is a dinner party on personal property. Good conversation is not only tolerated but celebrated here. But the host understands the difference between dissent and disrespect, even if you do not. Louts will be ignored until the bouncers can show them the door.

2. This is a voluntary online community. Your posting of any material, whether in comments or otherwise, grants to William A. Whittle, Aurora Aerospace, Inc. and their affiliates, a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide license to use, sublicense, reproduce or incorporate into other material all or any portion of the material posted, for commercial or other use.

3. If a comment does find its way into a main page essay, print, or other media, every effort will be made to credit the individual making the comment. So chose your screen name accordingly,!

Now let's see some distributed intelligence and basic human decency! Don't make me come down there every five minutes!


Welcome back Bill.. we never left.

Excellent Bill! Thanks for bringing it back.

Thank you! I've missed E3 so much!

Bill, going forward I would like to suggest an essay on the following topic (a bit conspiratorial). I have a theory that I want feedback, polite feedback on. Here goes. With a large percentage of light and heavy industry having been lost overseas, isn't it possible that we are all being played by the growth in government? Lost industry affects the GDP correct? So isn't growing government and creating essentially instant millionaires with high salaries and lifetime income steams vis a vi pensions, a way to shore up and even grow the GDP by creating a class of day to day, week to week, pay check to pay check wealthy people that do not need to save for the future because they simply do not have to?

Bill, how perfectly splendid that you've restarted the reactor here at E-Cubed! Many's the link I've sent hither, and many more may there be in days to come. I hope you're not prevented from cross-posting your PJ stuff here (?).

Anyway, long may you run!

Bill, I am so happy! I was lamenting the loss of E3 the other night when showing my gal an Afterburner or a Firewall...

This will be great!

Welcome back!
When I found out E3 wasn't there anymore I felt a real loss!

When moving to a new place thousands of miles from where I lived, there was ONE book with me. Only one. And it is Silent America.

Thanks Bill.

You never lost me, Bill! Particularly now, when the fan is so inundated with smelly brown stuff emanating from what was a nice White House.

Been checking monthly for years...waiting on the next writing!! :)

To quote a familiar pilot (though with a more positive slant, perhaps...):


I just put E3 (that's what we cool kids called this site back in the day) back into my new computer's bookmarks, where it resides in its former place of glory: In the category "Blogosphere", second from the top, just below The Daily Bleat. If Kim du Toit starts blogging again (checking in new tab...nope) I'll be in HTML heaven.

I was one of those who spent years checking E3 every day for a new post by Bill. Even though I can now see him much more frequently elsewhere, (and that's a blessing) I was saddened first to see this site neglected and then lost.
It's so good now to see it back.
Thanks Bill.


Err... "Dang!"


Thanks for turning the lights back on, Bill. I look forward to reading "Silent America" on my Kindle.

Best news in a long time Bill. Thank you!

Thank you! and thanks for educating us. I need it.

Can you address the newest accusations from a certain Sarah B. on how conservatives are making money off attacking the WH? I don't see it. I'd rather we support one another and not attack each other. But, be open and above board in our financial dealings. I don't expect the other side to play fair, but as least we can point it out.

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So glad to see you back here again! I searched all over a few weeks ago for your original 'Tribes' article which I read to my now teens - they were a little young for it at the time, but I felt the timing was right. You may still be with PJTV, but I always think of E3 as your real home.

Sweet, weird seeing this pop up in my RSS reader.

As soon as I detected this internet site I went on reddit to share some of the love with them.

Looks like we're coming full circle!
Circling the wagons for Truth & Liberty.

Truth & Liberty.

Thank you for this interesting article. i have been stucked in londen because of the ash cloud

Excellent Bill! Glad to see E3 up and rolling again! :)

Bless you, Mister.

I don't even have anything to say. Just... everything feels right with the world, with this page back where it belongs.

Great to have you back! Missed the old place!

Great to see the old archive back! However, it wouldn't hurt to drop the lecherous LGF from the ole blogroll...

I'd like to think I had a small part to play in educating a few of my more liberal friends by sending them to E3. The closure was heartbreaking for me; imagine, Tribes, Honor,et al, lost... PJ TV has been wonderful, fresh faces I hadn't seen before, Trifecta, Firewall, Klaven and so many more - yet, my core was still cold. Now, not so much...

Thank you again, for a glimpse of the light, and Tribes...

You know what else is cool? Your RSS feed that I subscribed on LiveJournal is still working too!

Good to even have the hope of seeing you get back to writing again. Cant wait to read whtever is next!

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