December 24, 2008



Latest reports from the North American Aerospace Defense Command have confirmed that Santa is on his way!

Click HERE to see how the USAF tracks his progress and how you can find out where Santa is right now! (Just select your connection speed on the left. Flash viewer is the least demanding but lowest quality)

Also, learn about the new experimental Alaska and Northern Territory Laser Emitting Ranging System -- shown being demonstrated above by this highly-trained technician.

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Hi everybody.

I hope you're all having a warm and safe holiday. I've been sitting here by the virtual fire, thinking about how lucky I am and how grateful, too... and I got to thinking about the amazing toys I grew up with as a kid in the late Sixties. Really imaginative and cool stuff -- and dangerous, too! You could shoot your eye out with BB guns or burn off your precious little fingers with Creepy Crawlers. It was full-on AWESOME.

Anyway, the gang in the tech booth at PJTV went to the trouble to make a great Christmas set, and if you want to see some videos from The Golden Age of Toys, all you have to do is click HERE. (Just select a speed on the left and the viewer will auto-install for high-def playback with a broadband connection. If you don't want to view in high-def, just click on the FLASH PLAYER.)

The folks at my new PJTV family put it up for free -- without registration or subscription. We hope you have as much fun watching it as we did making it.

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