May 21, 2012


It's back.

From December of 2002 until December of 2008, I wrote a series of long format essays and assorted other bits and pieces, right here at Eject! Eject! Eject! When I moved to PJTV, they wanted me to move the blog with me, to the PJ Media page. PJ Media never once tried to limit or control what I wrote in any way, but the fact is, what with the banner ads and the general look being so different, it never really felt like home in the way the old place did.

She stayed boarded up from 2009 until now, the old girl did. But we are airing her out again. All of the old nooks and crannies and hiding places should still be there... the failed but noble ideas for Ejectia! culminating in the summer of 2007 remain as well. And, of course, the essays that started as stand-alone pieces that eventually ended up in SILENT AMERICA are also still there, on the right sidebar.

I did a little re-reading of the smaller items, and it's a diary not only of my life but also a kind of diary of America, at least as she was seen through my eyes. Anyway, it's all here, warts and all -- an open house from now on.

My new work will be appearing at Bill Whittle dot Net. But this will always be my first love. Thanks to all of you who gave me the chance to become the man I am today, and thanks especially for your ongoing support in these interesting times.

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